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25 Replies to “Islamic Peace conference in Oslo”

  1. Sitting in this room you better argee I would think.Shure each of them has pebbles in his kaftan to secure the peace and harmony..

  2. “Obama’s potential release of $12bn of frozen Iranian assets would be followed by $35 billion from Europe”


    I tried submitting this to another site & was unable to submit it. I am going to be looking for confirmation from another source.

    But if this happened what are sanction worth if give the enemy a financial windfall.

  3. Hello there…..its me again………Don Laird……….

    Muslims, as so handily illustrated across 1400 years of blood soaked pages of history, will disfigure and torture and kill and maim and murder, not only each other but, with greater frequency, enthusiasm, blood-lust and in exponentially greater numbers than their own; us, the non-believers, the infidels, the filthy kuffar…….its in their nature, it defines them, its who they are, its what they live for, its in every fiber of their being…….it is what they are commanded to do hundreds of times, commandments that spring from the pages of the Koran and the supporting Islamic jurisprudential texts, the Sunna and the Hadith. Fact.

    Here, in this video clip, taken in one of the most enlightened and liberal cities in Norway, Oslo, are a couple of hundred Muslims, boldly, unabashed, unashamed and enthusiastically supporting the implementation in Norway, of some of the most sickening, savage, backward and barbaric practices known to Mankind. Practice still played out today across virtually every one of the 57 Islamic member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

    Still we dither…….still we are indecisive and trembling with fear in the face of this sickness, this cancerous lunacy called Islam.

    As I have written before and now quote from, are words which describe our stupidity……….

    The stated goal of Muslims in North America, to destroy and dominate Western culture, is no deep dark conspiratorial secret, it’s just that we have refused to listen. The Muslims in North America have screamed it in our faces, written it on placards, used it to launch frivolous, specious litigation clogging our courts, saturated the media with it, assaulted our culture with it, eroded our customs with it, threatened our wives and children with it, harassed our businesses with it, intimidated our politicians and law enforcement agencies with it, defiled our churches with it and as if all of this was not enough they have stopped talking and have begun to butcher us. Still we stand mute and meek with their mocking laughter ringing in our ears.

    -Of Muslims, Murder and Ingratitude,
    – Don Laird

    Well, let it not be said that we were not warned………and when it plays out again and again and again across North America……simply go to the mirror for the answer to your troubles.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  4. “If you watch nothing else today, make it this one thing you do watch”

    When Eeyore makes this ^^^ kind of suggestion, I follow it and am never disappointed.

    What’s with the guy in the front-row – he seems to be wearing a female head scarf…is he an islamic cross dresser?

  5. There it is. They are all in on it. How can they not be? Am I supposed to believe that the average Muslim somehow has no idea what’s in the Quran, even though they’ve been reading it and quoting from it all their lives? They are expert in lying to Infidels. Every single one of those Muslims in the audience should be placed in a POW camp until such time as hostility ends. It’s that simple…

  6. IslamNet’s chairman is being manipulative, well-knowing that no member of his audience will want to appear out-Muslimed by any other. This doesn’t make the phenomenon any less troubling.

    IslamNet’s introduction to its own video on the longer Youtube version is unconstrained by Western logic and all but impenetrable. Islam is peaceful by definition in Islam. The values held by so-called radical sheiks are those held by all Muslims, who as practitioners of Islam are by definition peaceful. Being peaceful, they cannot be radical. Therefore hatred for Muslims is cooked up by the racist, Islamophobic Western media.

  7. Don Laird writes:

    “……….it is what they are commanded to do hundreds of times, commandments that spring from the pages of the Koran and the supporting Islamic jurisprudential texts, the Sunna and the Hadith. Fact…”

    Actually that is NOT a fact. The Islamic “trilogy” comprises the Koran SIRA and Hadith. (the Sira and Hadith taken together is referred to as the Sunna). Thus the trilogy can also be expressed as the Koran and Sunna.

    Don also writes:

    “The stated goal of Muslims in North America, to destroy and dominate Western culture, is no deep dark conspiratorial secret…”

    When you take into consideration that the Koran was intentionally scrambled out of its likely original chronological order, and placed in an entirely different order — one based on the length of the suras — the outlines of a dark conspiracy do indeed become apparent. This re-arranging was no doubt intended as a means to strategically intermingle the Meccan (religious) verses and Medinan (political) verses in such a way as to make it entirely unclear to the uninitiated which verses cancel out or “abrogate” others. Add to this the fact that muslims frequently take advantage of this arrangement and confidently quote the peaceful Meccan verses to placate the concerns of infidels without ever mentioning the all important doctrine of abrogation, which in every case cancels out those generally peaceful verses and replaces them with ones advocating violence and warfare — and you begin to see the truly mendacious malevolence we are up against.

    As for the rest of what you said, I agree with most of it. But your tone at times seems a bit overly dramatic and defeatist. We’re not out of this yet BY A LONG SHOT. In fact, it’s just getting interesting.

  8. Norway’s Islam Net (“the largest Muslim org. in Norway, founded 2008”) doesn’t appear to be especially subtle. The recent uploads at Islam Net Video include a 4-part talk by radical London-based whackjob Haitham Al-Haddad called “Jihad and Western Muslims.” In the first segment, Part 5.1, he is very clear that the inner-struggle jihad takes a back seat to physical jihad, fighting until the world of Allah becomes superior and there is no “system” left on Allah’s earth but Islam. It can’t get more nakedly treasonous than that.

  9. – Billy Goat

    Yes! The Revelation of Abrogation, as well as the fact that the Suras are presented out of order, are clear proof that Islam is a conspiracy – a surprise attack. Why would anybody make their holy books hard to understand if not to fool people? I think Islam’s greatest strength is the fact that the reality of it is so freakin’ crazy that nobody can sound the alarm about it without sounding completely insane themselves. People will literally write you off as crazy if you try to tell them the truth about Islam, ’cause it just cannot be true – but it is… It’s a nightmare…

  10. Hey there Billy Goat, your comment about defeatest attitudes should be set to music & played several times a day, here & on other counterjihad sites.

    Hyperbole does grab the reader’s attention, but in protracted disquisitions it reads like a eulogy.
    :-(Especially when the prose gets a tad purple. 🙂

    Hold the eulogies. You said it, matey, “We’re not out of this yet BY A LONG SHOT. In fact, it’s just getting interesting.”

  11. @Billygoat,

    I’m sure your splitting of hairs will impress the dead and their relations in a multiplicity of places around the world, most recently Nairobi.

    Your quote:

    “But your tone at times seems a bit overly dramatic and defeatist.”

    No drama, no defeatism but rather, a reflection of the gut wrenching cowardice that has paved the way for the Muslims to travel unfettered to their present point in time throughout the western world.

    A further indictment as reflected in my quote from the essay “Of Muslims, Murder and Ingratitude”, can be found in your cutesy little Avatar and name “Billygoat”……cowardice and fear reflected in your refusal to publicly stand and be counted….instead you sit behind the warmth and glow of your computer sniping little shots at your Muslim opponents, all anonymously…..how brave…..how tall you stand…..the kind of courage and bravery that has Muslims around the world wetting themselves with laughter.

    In the future “Billygoat’, may I suggest, assuming that you are male in gender, reach down the front of your trousers and seize the sweaty little orbs that define your gender and couple that with a search for your spine……once you find both of those items and have them firmly in hand then step out into the light of day and, shedding your anonymity, join the fight beyond that of armchair critic.

    As for being “defeatist” try reading a little something I wrote almost 2 years ago before the recent implosion of the English Defence League.

    Perhaps you would like to quarrel with that as well, what part of that would you call a realistic assessment of current affairs/events in England today…….and what part is so utterly “dramatic” or….heaven forbid……..”defeatist”.


    Now, further, having read the entirety of the above link, and looking many Western countries straight in the face……….what part of my assessment do you quarrel with now?……….punctuation?……….or perhaps “Billygoat” its syntax that has your man-vagina all aflame?………..how droll.

    How’s this for “dramatic” Billygoat?……..

    The British government, its politicians, its bureaucratic infrastructure, the associated law enforcement agencies, the Judiciary and its supporting legal infrastructure have enthusiastically for almost 5 years, since its inception, engaged in the tyrannical and criminal abuse of their legislative powers and those afforded them by the various criminal codes and municipal regulatory mechanisms, in order to crush the democratic and peaceful protest and movement for change and cessation of Muslim aggression of the English Defence League.

    In so doing those that have engaged in this criminality have clearly stated to the British people and in some form, to peoples of western democracies around the world, that peaceful, democratic process will not win the day and that the same is no ore than an injurious, perhaps fatal, exercise in futility. How’s that for “dramatic and defeatist”

    We are now seeing the earmarks of that very tyranny and treasonous complicity that is rife in Britain here in Canada, and that, is a very very dangerous condition. We are seeing our Canadian law enforcement agencies making alliances with Muslim groups, friendly little alliances with Muslim organization who are clearly, unashamedly and overtly connected to terrorism. We are seeing our legal industry and Judiciary here in Canada engaged in what amounts to no more than treasonous bootlicking of our violent Muhammadans. What does this say to Canadians BIllygoat?…….in the light of the crushing of a legal, non-violent, peaceful and democratic protest/movement in England…….and now the earmarks of that in Canada…..what does that say Billygoat?………..what does that say to those who recognize the utter futility and Chamberlainesque stupidity of walking in the footsteps of hand-wringing, toe turning, willfully blind, suicidal apologists for Muslim aggression and their infinate arrogance and crimes?……..what does that say Billygoat?

    So in closing, JFK was right…….when he opined……”Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable”

    That, Billygoat, is a reality, and once again, as I have said for several years………this fight will come to blood, rivers of blood, mark my words……….unless I am wrong, badly wrong and the British people, without whimper and without complaint, don their deserved yoke of grinding servitude to the most vulgar, savage, barbarous and backward animals to walk this earth….the Muslims. So Billygoat…..pick your side……..and pick soon……..there are storm clouds gathering and they are the bastard children of those that rolled across Europe, twice.

    Oh…….more “defeatism and drama”……how you must reel Billygoat……how weary you must be.

    Your point with respect to the Islamic jurisprudential trilogy is well taken, thank you……..but it amounts to little more than this…..


    But….in all of my indignation and hot winded hyperbole, understand one thing “Billygoat”…..with respect to Islam and Muslims, it will be a cold day in Hell before I call the whole thing off……….count on it.

    Finally Billygoat……..in your fight against Islam and Muslims, as Jack said, pick up a weapon and stand a post……or pick up a pen and write and essay…..find your courage and use the voice God gave you……but either way……..step into the fucking light and be counted Billygoat…….the shade, shadows and cowardice are bad for the soul and your complexion.

    Now, I must run………I am late for drama class.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta Canada

  12. When the state of Israel was just a toddler, various designs for Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial, were considered. One was a mise en scène of a column of smoke perpetually rising to the heavens. This was to serve as a reminder that death camps were the alternative to an ever-vigilant Jewish state. By the time Yad Vashem was completed, more subtle commemorative displays were selected.

    Every time I look at Haaretez or hear some idiot spew leftist garbage, I wish a pillar of smoke – or a sledgehammer – would drive the offender down to earth. That’s why I’m with you, although this nazi flag is detestable, “I say let it hang there.”

  13. They admit it in there video there not extremists but they believe in teachings such as stoning and all the other garbage they admit they all believe it but just arnt open about it there all extremists they just don’t call themselves it. They want to enforce their beliefs on our society it’s just a matter of time we need to be ready for them

  14. In all of history there has never been such a betrayal by nation’s leaders of their own people. What Muslims could NEVER achieve by a massive military Muslim invasion has been achieved by our own leaders, especially British and European, who have deliberately colonized our countries with many millions of Muslims in order to enable Muslims to OBEY commands in the Quran and mosques to wage jihad against us and conquer our countries.

    Western ruling elites are one hundred percent responsible for every rape, every gang-rape, every violent attack and every murder by Muslims of our people. For it is they who wickedly imported the God haters into our countries.

    Our leaders have committed this dreadful crime against us because of their rabid HATE for the Holy One, our Magnificent and Glorious Awesome Creator. Although not Muslims, Western ruling elites identify with Islam and despise our superior, merciful Western civilization of freedom and God-given human rights. Western ruling elites worship the same god as Islam, but give their god a different name. But same god, different name.

    Until we take our last breath upon this earth we must never give up the battle for our freedom

  15. @Linda Rivera,

    Well said………say it again, and again, and again, from every street corner and from every rooftop, into every ear that will listen and loudly into those that will not……

    Well said Linda, bravo.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  16. In an effort to understand the roots of the islamic obssesion with women’s chastity (genital mutilation – wich are unjustifiably called also circumcision, honor killing etc) I realized that it stems from a very deep fault in the mental infrastructure of the muslim male. In the scale of values of a muslim male any of his achievements, education, wealth, leadership in the community, are worthless if a woman in his circle of dominance strays away from his dictate of behavior. Such an event casts such a deep shadow on him that all other achievements vanish in HIS OWN eyes as well as in all other people eyes. His soul has no rest and peace until that woman is punished and elimintaed – physically, by death. Death is the only possible way to redeem his value in his own eyes and of course everyone else’s eyes. He can be a physician, a professor, a writer, a surgeon, a scientist, a juornalist, a teacher, all this is worthless – until is honor is redeemed by killing the woman that disobeyed his rle.

    This is the reason for all the phenomenon we see – anyone who would say anything against Muhamad (a pervert by himself) has to be immediately stoned – because of that fault in the muslim psych.

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