Russian group seeks to ruin perfectly good pork by burying it near Russian mosques.

As I have stated before, this accomplishes nothing except telling the authorities who to nab when it comes to those who would defend their culture and people from increasingly hostile Islamic invasion. Nonetheless, people will do this. Playing by enemy rules is always a bad thing as they can change them at will. So using pig products on Muslims only makes the user a target and weakens the rest of us while giving muslims a good laugh.



RUSSIA – Hackers Deface Muslim Website With Pig Head on Eid al-Adha

MOSCOW, October 15 (RIA Novosti) – Hatemongering hackers defaced the website of a Russian Muslim organization Tuesday, the first day of the main Muslim holiday, posting a picture of a severed pig head with a Quran in its jaws.

“Somebody posted their own photo,” Damir Gizatullin, deputy head of Russia’s Mufti Council, quipped in reaction to the hacking attack on the council’s website, which came two days after an anti-migrant pogrom in Moscow.

The offensive photo was accompanied by a message claiming that the photo of a pig – an unclean animal in Islam – defiled the domain’s name, rendering it unfit for Muslim use.

“We’ll soon bury piggies near all your mosques,” added the missive, attributed to “Moscow residents.” was down as of this article’s publication, but a council spokeswoman said tech support was working to bring it back online.

Gizatullin said the council had identified the source of the hacking attack and reported it to law enforcement agencies, but gave no details.
The hacking attack commenced late Monday, a spokeswoman for the council said.

Eid al-Adha, celebrated in Russia from Tuesday to Thursday this year, attracted more than 100,000 faithful to Moscow’s four mosques on Tuesday, city police said.

The holiday, known in Russia by its Turkish name of Kurban Bayram, comes at the height of interethnic tensions in the Russian capital, where hundreds formed an angry mob and stormed a suburban warehouse Sunday, saying it was a hotbed of ethnic crime.

The pogrom came after a 25-year-old man walking with a female companion in the suburb of Biryulyovo was stabbed to death last week. Russia’s Investigative Committee identified the suspected murderer as an Azeri migrant. Demonstrators at the warehouse, who clashed with police, blamed the crime on migrants and called for tighter migration laws.

Dozens of rioters were detained, though police let most go without charges. More than 1,200 people were held later in a police raid at the warehouse that apparently targeted illegal migrants in the area.

Russia has at least 3 million illegal migrants, according to government estimates, most of them hailing from predominantly Muslim ex-Soviet states in Central Asia. The Russian capital also sees a large influx of internal migrants from Russia’s North Caucasus, most of them also adherents of Islam.

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10 Replies to “Russian group seeks to ruin perfectly good pork by burying it near Russian mosques.”

  1. “Nonetheless, people will do this. Playing by enemy rules is always a bad thing as they can change them at will. So using pig products on Muslims only makes the user a target and weakens the rest of us while giving muslims a good laugh.”

    I disagree. Knowing your enemy’s weakness is a good thing. Muslims are slaves of their rules. If they can’t even reform their religion into something more peaceful (because Allah’s rules are unchanging and for all time) then nothing is going to make them suddenly accept pork as clean and harmless just because their foes uses it against them.
    If Muslims fear pork, then fight them with pork. If Muslims fear black dogs then fight them with black dogs. If Muslims are afraid to burn in Hell, then convince them that Hell awaits them.
    If Muslims despise music then make music. If Muslims want to ban alcohol, then get merry and vomit beer into their ugly faces
    Allowing Muslims to avoid pork by bowing down to halal demands in schools and prisons has been a complete disaster for us infidels.
    We should give them nothing that is halal and only give them that which is haram.
    We should make them face pork, in fact it should be shoved down their throats and in their faces. They don’t understand weakness, they only respect strength.
    Pork, pork and more pork.
    Give them what is unclean and make them like it. No compromise and no surrender!

  2. Softly Bob is right.

    In their minds, Muslims live in the Medieval Ages, though their bodies inhabit the same time and place as us.

    They live in a demon-haunted world.


  3. Pastorious, you’re right.
    Haunt them, taunt them, ridicule them and show no fear! History has proven this to be the right way to deal with these lowlifes!

  4. Softly Bob: Well reasoned but from a faulty premise. Muslims are not slaves to their rules but to their goals which is world wide domination and complete subjugation of the unbeliever and the rules are a distant second.

    The 19 hijackers that pulled off the 911 attack all spent the night before drinking at strip joints. There was no penalty in terms of rewards in the afterlife. Islam is quite clear that you can do what you want if you are in pursuit of the main goal, which of course is jihad.

    The prohibition on pork is not so much a major weakness for muslims but a weapon to be used against us. They make a big deal about pork because it is a way to force us to change our culture to suit them. It is our weakness in a way not theirs. For example I bet you anything that lots of religious muslims work in the food chain dealing with pork products if for no other reason than they can do what they want to the products and know they are only hurting kufar as religious muslims won’t eat it. Knowing this, we might think we are safer eating halal and they win either way.

    In Egypt pigs are common as the Zabaline use them to eat garbage they collect in Cairo etc. It wasn’t until the usual islamic moronic non-understanding of Swine Flu that they bothered to go and slaughter the pigs thinking they were the source of the potential epidemic, but the muslims weren’t that bothered about the pigs overall. They felt in control of Egypt so they didn’t care about the minority Christian population and thier livestock so much. Here it is different. They can use political-correctness to force us to change our symbols, kids stories, diets and school purchases all to make Islam the center point of our decisions. If they want to build a mosque they will. If they think that pig blood de-consecrates the ground then they will have an imam mutter some tard incantation and reconsecrate it. That is the thing about magic and superstition. The rules change faster than they do with technology. Pretty much every religion does that, and worse, if a government trying to show how sanctimonious they are is made to feel the heat for someone using a pig to stop a mosque the government will use our tax dollars to pay for it just to teach us all a lesson.

    If this hasn’t already happened somewhere in Europe and more than once I will give up pizza for 6 months. Hell I would bet that a muslim in fact planted pig parts at a potential mosque site for exactly this reason. To get sympathy and public money to rebuild. I know for a fact they have done this in England repeatedly with arson they blamed on others and Australia with fake vandalism and in the US with ‘blasphemy’ which had a curiously Arabic syntax and was written to be seen from one camera view and not from any other.

    None of the things you list they are afraid of. They know we are afraid of losing these things though and they delight in that process. What they are afraid of is that we wake the fuck up and stop caring what they want and remember that we get to make the rules in our own house no matter what they want or what they claim their religion demands.

    If we can just manage that and openly talk about ending Islamic influence in our nations, then you will get to see them afraid and in retreat. But these attempts to judo what we think is their weaknesses really does just give them a laugh. Read muslim sites on it sometimes.

    There was a site in Poland where a megamosque was planned, a pig head or two was buried and they just threw them away and built the mosque. Ill try and find the relevant articles if you want. But I do know of several people who have been busted trying to do this and going to jail for something stupid and ineffective. Its like in the movies where someone tries to kill someone with rat poison. Most rat poison isn’t a poison at all but an anticoagulant that requires the rat to eat at least its own body weight in the stuff before they die of internal hemorrhaging. But enough people believe it that police often arrest people who try to kill others using it because the cops know that the perp thinks it will work. See what I mean? Similar scenario.

    If you want to stop a mosque call Gavin Boby. The widget is at the top of the page. Its called, “Love Thy Neighborhood”

  5. Hi Vlad,

    Thank you for the little plug at the end! I agree with you. People who try this method are:

    a. ignorant
    b. mentally and physically lazy, and
    c. lacking in self respect.

    Merely an embarrassment – technically on our side, in the sense that an untrained Russian serial rapist of Berlin women in 1945 was on our side.

    Mosques have been built on former abbattoir sites. Plus Kaffirs are lower than pigs in the list of ‘najasat’ (unclean things – search for “Sistani Najasat”) and muslims have triumphed about turning churches into mosques since mohammed.

    Leaving a bacon slice on mosque steps takes 10 times the effort than it does for a muslim cleaner to pick it up and dump it in a bin while muttering some incantation.

    I’ve lost count of the emails calls from people insisting that I incite this. I’d go to jail, and for no reason. Not one of those people advocating it does any work toward the cause. They have no strategic value or motivation, beyond venting. If such people go to jail then I have no time, the same as I have no time for drunken women who swear their heads off on the tube.

    This is a struggle against evil. The same as has happened throughout history, with the same excuses dressed up as sophistication, with the same brains-to-custard tantrums dressed up as patriotism, and with Burke’s truth still holding: ‘All that’s necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing’.

    We are motivated by love for people, however much you despise that thought. For mankind to be happy, evil must be defeated, and we will do it – you can invest on that. But we will win by the discipline of our formations, not by succumbing to the urge to behave like scum.

  6. The point about Muslims relaxing the rules when they have total dominance is something that many readers I’m sure have experienced at first hand. They don’t always do it, and not everywhere to the same degree, but it’s always an option. That it’s an option shows that the howls of outraged religious sensibility over pork, sex and alcohol and so on in the West are largely strategic. A few examples:

    Homosexuality is a capital crime in Islam. But as everyone here knows, it is ubiquitous in Islamic countries. A Western gay man so inclined can get, what’s the delicate word for gangbanged, in Saudi Arabia by Saudi military officers so long as he is discrete. So the country has a surfeit of gay Western contract workers who think they’ve died and gone to heaven, who make lots of money and never leave.

    A Western woman getting on in years, or simply not getting any, can visit any number of Muslim-majority countries and readily pick up a Muslim guy half her age. She may need to give some thought to where she takes him.

    As a Western businesswoman visiting Dubai, you might be well-advised not to have a drink in the hotel bar, but in Dubai you can have a drink in a hotel bar.

    You can’t have a drink in a bar in Saudi Arabia, except perhaps on certain select compounds, but you can join the long line of Saudis queuing to get over the bridge on the weekend to have a dram (or a drab) in Bahrain.

    If you want to fry up a pork chop in the Emirates, you go to a designated supermarket and buy one. It will be in a special section and overpriced, but there it will be.

    So observation supports the point that unless the mullahs are really having their way with a Muslim-majority country, white kaffirs with Western passports, and many Muslims, frequently do things even in conservative Gulf countries that Muslims are supposed to find intolerable, but which, as long as it’s not in their faces (if that’s not where they want it) they don’t.

    At the same time, it must of course be remembered that these are not rights protected by law, but exceptional liberties generously bestowed by Muslim masters and liable at any moment to be taken away. The penalty can be harsh. Also, you don’t want to have dark skin or the wrong passport. That is the celebrated tolerance in Islam.

    What might be happening to pork chops in the food processing chain in Dar al Harb is food for thought.

  7. Here is another example to the point from today’s news. Notice how often muslims use korans as weapons as in this case, or at Guantanamo bay where muslim prisoners routinely hollowed out Korans and hid weapons and things in them. Remember, they riot and kill and burn things when an infidel so much as looks at one the wrong way.

  8. Fighting or playing by the enemies rules is a way to lose big time, fight your fight according to your rules, that will make the enemy react to you rather then you reacting to the enemy.

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