News links for Oct. 15 2013 – 2

1. Muslim gang jailed for kidnapping and raping two girls as part of their Eid celebrations ERROR: this was 2012! (sorry)

The 16-year old was forced to have sex six times with four different men.
The younger victim was raped by one man and then sexually assaulted by another.

One defendant, Rashid, 20, was said to have claimed the girls had enjoyed the sex, which he said had taken place as they celebrated the Muslim festival of Eid.

2. Britain’s Underage Muslim Marriage Epidemic

(I have to take issue with something this article says.

“Campaigners against forced marriage — which is not yet a crime in Britain…”

This is preposterous. The idea that kidnaping, rape, sexual slavery and pedophelia is somehow not a crime because an incantation is muttered over the girl is obscene. Of course it is illegal. We neither need, nor should have a special law for every conceivable variation on a crime. Stop factoring Islam into criminal law, it only makes it easier for the perp not harder.)

3. Animal Rights Group Disrupts Muslim Eid al-Adha Ceremony In Poland

(Wadaya know! An animal rights group that actually fights for animal rights! Before you know it there will be feminist groups that actually fight for equality of women!)

4. Bill Warner: Fundamental errors. (Taking Jewicidal rabbi’s to task for holding sanctimony over reason.)

5. Two Turks arrested in Poland for giving the Ziek Heil to Jewish students visiting Nazi death camps.

6. CBC does insane piece by Montreal mental health workers on the consequences of not sacrificing your own culture to, well anything else really.

(Below, A comment submitted under the article and was rejected by CBC censors for this article.)

From Illite Clay:

I half agree. If you have hundreds of thousands of Nazis walking the streets, banning them from wearing their uniforms while at work is a stupid non-solution. What you need to do is ban the Nazis. There is no practical difference between religious Muslims and Nazis in terms of what it is we think of, when we think of Nazis being bad. Desire for world conquest. The imposition of a strict proprietary code of law advantaging that one group at the expense of all others, the destruction of democratic institutions and of course, the extermination of the Jews.

So I would suggest the PQ drop the idea of banning Islamic clothing and ban religious muslims instead.

7. Description and video of obscene horror even by islamic standards. I only post it because not knowing what Islam considers a good act does no one any service. Personally I cannot watch this sort of thing anymore. But here it is.

H/T CB Sashenka, M, Fjordman, Richard, Snaphanen, and all who sent in links

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  1. UK – The Guardian – Eid el adha celebration in South Yorkshire

    One Muslim dead and one seriously injured in Rotherham ‘machete attack’

    Police arrest 27-year-old Muslim on suspicion of murder after reports of man running through streets with machete

    “A Muslim has just ran past me in Rotherham town centre wielding a machete covered in blood shouting move!! Police everywhere!”

    He added: “All I saw him run past me with knife in hand shouting move adjacent to where the buildings are being knocked down opp market.”

    Ben Shepherd tweeted: “Lunatic Muslim running through Tesco, Rotherham, brandishing a huge knife, frightened the life out of our secretary. Taken out by 10 police.”

  2. RUSSIA – Hackers Deface Muslim Website With Pig Head on Eid al-Adha

    MOSCOW, October 15 (RIA Novosti) – Hatemongering hackers defaced the website of a Russian Muslim organization Tuesday, the first day of the main Muslim holiday, posting a picture of a severed pig head with a Quran in its jaws.

    “Somebody posted their own photo,” Damir Gizatullin, deputy head of Russia’s Mufti Council, quipped in reaction to the hacking attack on the council’s website, which came two days after an anti-migrant pogrom in Moscow.

    The offensive photo was accompanied by a message claiming that the photo of a pig – an unclean animal in Islam – defiled the domain’s name, rendering it unfit for Muslim use.

    “We’ll soon bury piggies near all your mosques,” added the missive, attributed to “Moscow residents.” was down as of this article’s publication, but a council spokeswoman said tech support was working to bring it back online.

    Gizatullin said the council had identified the source of the hacking attack and reported it to law enforcement agencies, but gave no details.
    The hacking attack commenced late Monday, a spokeswoman for the council said.

    Eid al-Adha, celebrated in Russia from Tuesday to Thursday this year, attracted more than 100,000 faithful to Moscow’s four mosques on Tuesday, city police said.

    The holiday, known in Russia by its Turkish name of Kurban Bayram, comes at the height of interethnic tensions in the Russian capital, where hundreds formed an angry mob and stormed a suburban warehouse Sunday, saying it was a hotbed of ethnic crime.

    The pogrom came after a 25-year-old man walking with a female companion in the suburb of Biryulyovo was stabbed to death last week. Russia’s Investigative Committee identified the suspected murderer as an Azeri migrant. Demonstrators at the warehouse, who clashed with police, blamed the crime on migrants and called for tighter migration laws.

    Dozens of rioters were detained, though police let most go without charges. More than 1,200 people were held later in a police raid at the warehouse that apparently targeted illegal migrants in the area.

    Russia has at least 3 million illegal migrants, according to government estimates, most of them hailing from predominantly Muslim ex-Soviet states in Central Asia. The Russian capital also sees a large influx of internal migrants from Russia’s North Caucasus, most of them also adherents of Islam.

    en ( dot ) ria (dot ) ru/russia/20131015/184165610/Hackers-Deface-Muslim-Website-With-Pig-Head-on-Eid-al-Adha ( dot ) html

    Pic :

  3. Russian police arrest Muslim Moscow murderer

    Russian special forces ensured the arrest of the suspected murderer who triggered a race riot in Moscow was very public, plucking Azeri national Orkhan Zeinalov from a forest before flying him in a helicopter to the interior ministry in Moscow.

    Zeinalov was captured about 100 kilometres from the Russian capital in Kolomna and will be interrogated about the death by stabbing of Egor Shcherbakov on Thursday. He is the prime suspect in the young Russian’s murder.

  4. #7

    The people of Egypt have “spoken”, and what they have said is that they don’t want to be ruled by a Taliban or a Muslim Brotherhood. That is the first time, to my knowledge, that we have had a real glimpse into the honest opinions of Arab Muslim people. We can only hope that a majority of Muslims in the world reject the sort of barbarism contained in this video and demand an end to this unthinkable horror. Islam is the most terrible thing that has ever happened to the human race and it must be eradicated like smallpox…

  5. 6/ McGill has a “Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry,” part of the Department of Psychiatry. Who knew? Multiculturalism creates all kinds of jobs.

    The letter downloads as a pdf but makes tedious reading, all the familiar multiculti tropes. Affirmation of identity, pluralistic society, strength through diversity, social inclusion, human rights, religious freedoms, values of equality, mutual respect.

    Manipulative politicians capitalize on “global anxieties about the ‘Other,’ usually framed as someone from Muslim or other non-Christian background.”

    Multiculturalism is “an unfinished project that needs encouragement and support through education and policies aimed at inclusion.”

    “Diversity is Good for Your Health.” It’s mostly rednecks who don’t understand this (“People who live in settings where they have little exposure to diversity”).

    We are reminded that “the Jewish General Hospital was built in the 1930s because of systematic discrimination.” Defence of Christian iconography “fails to comprehend the meaning and message of these symbols to those who are not Christian.”

    Surely Jews in Canada (like Jews in Britain) owe it to themselves to differentiate, not camouflage the problem of Islam.

  6. Glutton for punishment. From the McGill webpage:

    Cultural Psychiatry

    • mental health of indigenous peoples, ethnocultural minorities, immigrants and refugees
    • international community mental health
    • indigenous healing practices, ethnopsychology and ethnopsychiatry
    • cultural critique of Western psychiatric theory and practice

    Naturally one asks, wtf is ethnopsychiatry?

    Ethnopsychiatry examines not only other cultures’ understandings of mental illness or abnormal states but also methods of treatment other than standard Western procedures.

    It can also be called cross-cultural psychiatry. (Britannica)

    The excerpts below are from the Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (“Ethnopsychiatry – A Review.” A.A. Gadit). Comprehension might be aided by reading aloud with a heavy South Asian accent:

    The new transcultural psychiatry demands special consideration of indigenous notions of causality and for explanatory models based on folk beliefs. In the context of ethnopsychiatry mental health has not been an easy task to define as there is a disagreement over the boundaries of normal and abnormal behaviour.

    It appears that a mentally normal person in one society or culture may not be considered normal in other setups due to existence of a great deal of trans-cultural variations across the globe.

    …if one is violent or unduly undermined in behaviour, resorts to deliberate self-harm, disinhibited and odd in expression and behaviour and/or very unstable in emotional discharge, he can perhaps be labeled as “psychic or mentally disturbed” in one socio-cultural sect while not in other.

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