EDL in flux

It would appear that there are major changes in the leadership of the EDL, if indeed the EDL continues to exist. We are aware of this, and if you want the stories, google search for Tommy Robinson quits EDL and you will find tons.

I prefer to wait till I know more before I publish anything here on this. Something seems a trifle not-face-value about it all.



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  1. There’s nothing been on the News today over here, News of this sort would have have made the National News at Lunch time, and I didn’t hear anything, it’s best coming straight from the Horses mouth.

  2. oh my gawd……I am shocked, but perhaps they will come up with an even better plan and focus…as their groups have been infiltrated with the far right extremists and this has caused all sorts of issues for them, and for all those who struggle to keep freedom of speech, and the values of free democracies.
    I will always be an EDL supporter in their cause, their philosophy, and their intentions
    Both these guys are folk heros in my estimation and history will
    confirm this, Bravo to the work they have done, bravo to both men and their families who have suffered with them during their struggle. A peaceful existence will ever happen between savages and civilized societies.
    Their loss in this movement is a signal to keep vigilant and never surrender, to continue to fight the infiltration of islamic ideas in our societies. Bless those good ol boys, Bless them and all they do…

  3. They buckled. The Crown went after them, the Takiyists at Quilliam Foundation organized the surrender speech. Muslim population in the UK increases to 5%. Former leader of EDL denounces own organization as racist and anti-Semitic. Complete defeat for the English.

  4. This was an abject performance. I can’t blame Robinson for chickening out but the EDL were until yesterday going from strength to strength and now the leader denounces his own boys as he apparently faces prosecution from a traitorous government? He just surrendered and had the speech read out at Quilliam Foundation, with added commentary from Nawaz. We can’t coexist with Muslims, Quilliam himself was a booster for the Caliphate and anti British.

  5. If you suspect that actions under your leadership may take a turn for the worst due to extreme elements not within your control,then Tommy has made the right decision. Extreme right wing white action will never get support in this country.
    If by using the Quilliam Foundation to declare his resignation then this may also be a smart move. It puts him a step closer to respectability in the general publics view and closer to see if these people are the real deal. Either way both work. If he turned round later and can confirm the QF is full of liars and is a den of secret islamists then all well and good.
    I am not against Islam in order provoke or promote violence. This may happen in the future but meanwhile a level and civilised head should be kept at all times. If or when matters take a turn for the worst then at least you have the moral high ground. Then you can jump from this very great height and smash these nut jobs to bits. With the full support of the general public!

  6. Yeah. That the Quilliam Foundation, from what I’ve read of them, is involved gives adds a subtle air of eau de rat to this, though not on the part of Mr. Robinson.

    Douglan Murray has an extremely low opinion of these guys as they used to work under him and he got to know them. They very well could be wolves in sheeps clothing. They took money from the gov to fight Hizb ut Tahrir and radicalization on campus then did precious little about either task while trying to get in with the conservative government.

    They or a portion of their members are ex hizb ut tahrir but the way the organization behaves makes it seem like they could be described as SUPPOSEDLY EX Hizb ut Tahrir.

    The Soviets created an organization called The Trust. It was a fake anti communist orgainzation that was used to keep tabs on and control anti communists. I would reccomend people read about it and then read about The Quilliam Foundation. There might be similarities or it might be unfounded paranoia.

    That they got Mr. Robinson to expand his attention to all forms of fascism/extremism should be setting off alarm bells amongst anyone who knows a bit about activism.

    Getting an activist to generalize their attention is a form of sabotage. It gets them to take resources of time, energy and money away from the one thing they were focused on and thus denudes them as a threat.

    It’s not a deep dark secret. Anyone involved in activisim and who’s read books about activism is aware of it. Which is why I thought it so odd.

  7. Quilliam was an English convert to Islam who lobbied against the British Empire.

    Give it a few years and Tommy will probably be a Sufi Mystic. Mark ye well.

  8. Here is the situation from my perspective as somebody familiar with the situation and who was involved in it . This occurred with the controversy over the old EDL Jewish division. Many people objected to what some of the members of the Jewish division represented, did, and or said. Whether it was justified or not, this controversy allowed a lot of anti-semitic and general old far-right types to seize upon that controversy and create their own parallel website, forum and network . This forum and network operated independent of the EDL yet attempted to co-opt the policies and general leadership of the EDL from a grassroots level. Rather than being in agreement with the ethos and policies of Inclusion and religious and ethnic co-habitation, the core of this group was extremely anti-semitic, hateful of Israel, Supporters of Israel, and openly tolerant and supportive of splinter cells from the EDL such as the NorthWest Infidels who were kicked out for racism, pro-nazism ,anti-semitism and the like. It also actively supported and promoted other Pan-European nazi groups such as Golden Dawn. The EDL could not exist in its current form while allowing this forum/group to operate as an ideological parasite. I also firmly believe that members of the British security services encouraged this division by being active members of this forum and group and promoting it. This is indeed a sad situation, but one i saw happening 2 years ago.

  9. G Thank you very much for that elucidation. I watched the Jihadwach and Atlas Shrugs comments pages and there was a massive amount of disruption being attempted.

    People were signing in with similar names to known frequenters and hurling both disinformation and insults around in an orchestrated attempt to cause infighting and division.

    That tactic was suggested in a paper I read online about influence networks and how to understand and disrupt them. That paper had been presented to British security services.

    It counceled to find map them out connections to find “nodes”, the influential members. Then to set about causing disruption about them so as to break down the influence and cohesion.

    While occams razor suggests MI-5, any interested party would know about that strategy and it could very well have been leftists and terrorists at work. But it was of such intensity that it had to be orchestrated and not being done by random individuals.

  10. Obama has used sock puppets and meat puppets to advance his policies using social networks. I have some decent evidence to support this. So its likely that he, or the UK Govt. could easily be using that strategy on sites known to be supportive of policies and people that the current administrations do not like.

  11. Atlas Shrugged and Jihadwatch are Kabuki. Robinson is a bit more complex.
    He got in over his head and was used. I like Spencer, but there is something about Geller that suggests she’d happily see the Brits or French or Danes vanish despite all her protestations about Islamization.

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