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3 Replies to “A caller to the Lowell Green show articulately explains why Islamic culture is superior to our own.”

  1. The best thing for this Muslim, sounds like a Bangladeshi, if he finds Canada a bastard country, it is better for this bum to go to his Islamic paradise.

    Of course he is given no choice, the bum will convert (bogus), to Christianity.

  2. Lowell Green puts it well. If you don’t like Western culture – FO.
    To all the mohammeds, Abduls etc and female Daleks polluting the landscape, don’t use antibiotics, airplanes, cars, internet or telephone, as they are products of our culture. Now FO to the Islamic paradise, swim or on foot.

    And in passing, we will be happy to exchange the lot of you, with Christians that you bums have been killing for decades.


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