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5 Replies to “BBC jumps hoops to avoid saying the obvious reason for Pakistani child rape and infanticide”

  1. “the council of imams, the council of priests”

    Right, like most Brits don’t know what an imam is at this point. All need the helpful equivalency-gloss.

    It’s like Jeopardy.

    ‘Yes, Samantha, you’ve selected Religions for $50. And the answer is, It has a “mindset, culture and legal system” that results in men gang-raping 5-year-old girls.’

    ‘Oh – oh – I know that one! What is – what is – oh, fudge!’

    A “severe enough punishment” for gang-raping a child. I’m stumped.

  2. The horrible, unspeakable truth is that the religion of Islam is nothing but a ghastly mistake. Fourteen-hundred years ago a psychopathic criminal called Mohammed Abdallah invented a religious cult/gang for the purpose of getting himself lots of pretty girls and free money and murderous vengeance.

    Unfortunately, the thing was so well conceived that it persists even to this day. The only purpose of Islam was to serve the needs of Mohammed. Now that he is dead, it is nothing but a berserker machine that wildly kills whatever stands near it. It’s all a big mistake. Islam must be eradicated from the earth before we can move on – it contains nothing whatsoever of value…

  3. – it contains nothing whatsoever of value…

    Like Socialism then, that creates a debt of of crushed and defeated souls, to then spawned out of misery, keep paying for a promised new one in a promised land.

  4. Blue

    Make the question for every answer in every category on the whole board “What is Islam?” and no one wins a dime. No one survives to the final round. Do something ironic with the Think! music over the credits.

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