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1. Diana West on the odd yet unpleasant attack on her book and supporters.

What happens when calumnious charges appear against oneself and one’s new book, and an acid-hot controversy ensues? I have been told that I should thank my detractors for elevating my profile. Wise counsel told to me leave no rock or pebble unturned in rebuttal.

And so I haven’t.

2. UK: True number of FGM victims in capital is ‘far more than figures show’

3: Poor white children fall further behind: Benefits culture is blamed for failures at school

4. EDL leader arrested as thousands protest against march

4a. The Guardian

4b. BBC

4c. Russian News

4d. Independent.UK

5. Tunisians march for resignation of Islamist leaders.

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  1. The education stats are to be expected. This is what you can expect when you replace and dispossess a people. I would also point out that many GCSE’s are total bullshit. Most of those young men will get into technical jobs and do well in a few years.

  2. I don’t understand all the drama around that West book It seems to be a story that does not end. Neither the book or the writings of those who hate the book interest me, but the reaction it is getting from people who seem to be on the same political side as West seems curious. Shouldn’t exposure of communist influence in the US be welcomed by American conservatives? A superficial glance is that the conservatives are attacking the book in a way that it would have been expected for the left to attack it. If that is the case, why? Why are the attacks done by conservatives who have not even read the book?

  3. I think the ugly reactions to Diana Wests book are not caused by the facts she reveals but by the possible change of the narrative. World war II is interpreted as the first fully human rights war in the world history. Since then one only has to recall tis narrative to have an undobtable moral argument in every political discussion. Western global politics are morally rooted in this example of the unity in the fight against the pure evel. No doubt all the fine and brave US soldiers and others gave their life in a fight against one of the worlds worst tyrants. But in short, West argues, that they where berayed as they where partly used to help the other tyrant, who even killed more people, allthough for other reasons, to gain power over large parts of europe and butcher even more.

    West also says, that the German resistance was ignored because it was anticommunist.Perhaps millions of people, millions of yews might have been saved if America and Great Britain had helped the German resistance. We can not say if this would have been a success but it was worth to try as there was resistance against Hitler as soon as he came to power from the conservative part of the German society .These where people of high credibility, possible able to win the trust of the German people after a coup, but they where seen as the enemy by those Soviet infiltrators that West is able to identify.

    As the narrative of world war II is used in so many ways, for example even now to legitimate the war for the Syrian “rebels”, it has to be pure. That’s one reason Diana West is vilified.

    And West gives an anwer to the question, why it is a political death sentence if somebody is called a Nazi, but no big deal if someone is called a Stalinist.

  4. Well, Stalin had been an ally. He became an ally after he had killed millions of people. As Diana West tells us, the US war propaganda did not allow to criticize Stalin. Once the narrative of uncle Joe was in place it became difficult to move back and tell the truth about the millions Stalin had murdured, without loosing face and moral standing. And the left never had an interest to tell the world that their ideology took more lifes before and after the war than the Nazi monsters in their bloody reign. You have to think about what happend to the countries that came under Stalins rule. This is a sad point in the American history .

    The Holodomor for example happened before Stalin became an ally and later partner of the Yalta conference.

  5. To put in another way. To fight evel is always honourable and good but after the world war one villain was still in power and gained power and became a partner in building the UN.

    You may want to watch this:

  6. Interesting, Holodomor policy was initiated on Sept.11, 1932. Has to be one of those freighted dates, like Friday the 13th.

    Certain ancestral groups have kept records of myriad social, political, & natural phenomena for millennia. A “mixed multitude” that includes astrologers/astronomers from Egypt & India, Jewish kabbalists in the diaspora & apostates of same, like Torquemada. They’ve customarily been attendants to emperors, kings, presidents, & warlords.

  7. The rewrite of history by the left is one of the most evil things that has ever happened, people who know the truth and report it have to be destroyed, not just by the left but by those on the right who want history to show pure motives in all things. WWII was a war of survival for Western Civilization, in order to survive we held our noses and made deals with evil people. The left and to an extent many on the right this fact has to be hidden since they can’t vilify current politicians for making deals with evil tyrants if their heroes of WWII did the same thing.

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