Links and news Sept 6 2013 – 3

1. NYC police enforce non-muslim dhimmitude in New York (h/t Golem Bar)

“I came out to find my legally parked van blocked in by illegally parked cabs. I asked a wandering traffic cop to give the cab a ticket since he was making me late for my next appointment. I was told,

“we are not allowed to ticket the taxis because they were worshiping in the mosque around the corner.”

There was no way for me to leave and I had my worker on the clock as well. This is particularly infuriating because if I let my meter expire 1 minute for ANY reason, I am guaranteed a $130 ticket from these ****suckers. If I said I was praying in a church they would also laugh out loud as they wrote me a non dismissable ticket. Sorry for my somewhat racist and incorrect outburst about it being a day before the anniversary of 9/11. I was pretty twisted with these pricks.

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2. UK. Parliament debates burka ban

  MPs will debate whether to ban the burka today, as the first of a tranche of radically right-wing private members bills hit the Commons.

Philip Hollobone’s bill would make it illegal to wear a garment with the “primary purpose to obscure the face” in a public place.

3. Violence fear for east London as EDL insists tomorrow’s anti-Muslim march still on 

The Metropolitan Police had allowed it to protest but with strict conditions that meant any march would be held at the outskirts of the borough and close to Tower Bridge.

The EDL led by Tommy Robinson, wanted to march further east with some 2,000 supporters.

It argued in the High Court today that parts of Tower Hamlets are “subject to Sharia Law”.

But a judge agreed with the police’s argument there was a potential for serious disorder.

4. From British male soldier to ‘female’ muslim.

(I still say there is no such thing as a sex change. Just an extreme make over, and in this case, an extreme make believe)

5. Man arrested after ‘suspicious package’ discovered forcing Dartford Crossing to be closed for more than SEVEN HOURS with over 10 miles of tailbacks on M25

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7 Replies to “Links and news Sept 6 2013 – 3”

  1. 4. From British male soldier to ‘female’ muslim.

    That is such a tempting image for what has happened to Britain that it’s probably better to leave it alone.

  2. Transgender Muslim!

    This sex-change Muslim poses a real problem for Muslims and Islam, particularly in the West.

    al Azhar “university scholars” must be feverishly at work to find an appropriate response. A clear response either way will damage Islam. So I think they will ignore it, or fudge on the basis of context etc.

    I like it.

  3. OTH (sic)

    This sex change Muslim is a gift from allah to

    1. Muslim men – they can have it both ways,.

    2. Muslim women – they too can have it both ways

    3. Ideal for the soldier.

  4. We thank you for your news from that pathetic grey island. The larger issue is to prevent anyone with a British accent from coming into our hemisphere. And that includes any Brit, regardless of religion ( assuming that Islam is a religion, which of course it is not, it is a military order).

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