Pig blood sprayed at Quebec mosque

Please note the following correction in the translation in the text:

translation it should be “Saguenay” — but it is comprehensible – Quebeckers don’t pronounce very clearly all the time and the stress being on the last syllable, sagueNAY one can easily get confused and hear st-deNIS –

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4 Replies to “Pig blood sprayed at Quebec mosque”

  1. Oh Mon Dieu!!!!!

    Le sacre bleu!!!!!

    Oh Le tabernac esti colis!!!!

    Oh Le Boo-Hoo!!!

    The French have found their testicles!!!!!

    I love my little French friends so very very much now………….now you are showing me what guts you have…….run to me mes amis…….embrace moi!!!!!

    Painting a den of vipers and pedophiles (mosque) with pigs blood…….very nice…….but now every barnyard across North America will be aflame with outraged swine demanding justice for the grievance and severe injurious insult of having their blood spilled on what amounts to little more than a toilet of islamic lunacy…….

    C’est la vie!!!!

    Bravo my camarades Canadiens-Français, vous avez très, très bien fait ce soir ……. vous pouvez dormir en sachant bien une bonne journée de travail a été fait ……. bien dormir et rêver grand à mes Canadiens!!!!

    The next round of poutine is on me!!!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta Canada

  2. Sorry…….more interpretive translation required………

    Kahaditoulah Fall …..”A Quebec of openness” ……………(Muslimspeak)


    “A group a Frenchmen and Frenchwomen who will eagerly assist us in sodomizing their French culture and smearing the excrement of Islam over everything they hold dear until they are little more than fawning, limping handmaidens to the infinite and sneering hostility and demands of their new Muslim masters.

    Yep…..that about does it.

    And of course CBC canvassed the entirety of the local area for a real variety, diverse and honest reaction and opinion of local residents……..yeah right.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. I seem to be the only person on Earth who knows this, but Mohammed Abdullah was white. Not “white” like a Greek or an Italian, but blinding snow Irish white, with red hair, no less. That fact is attested to in a number of Hadiths. In one, the wind blows the hem of his robe open when he’s riding out into battle and the guy next to him notes that his skin is as white as snow. In another, he is referred to as, “The white man sitting over there”. I’m not wrong about this. Mohammed was white as white can be, and what’s more, he liked his girls white too. But if the mainstream media won’t mention it, then it simply does not exist, right? People hate Islam for political reasons. How can it be racist when it was invented by a white man?

  4. Muslims tolerate nothing, burn Christian churches, attack cemeteries, commit every atrocity known to man as soon as their population gets large enough and use the welfare system to survive while they breed. They will kill every pig they can find when they feel strong enough even to the point of attacking butcher shops. Many are pedophiles like Mohamed and rapists. They should not even be allowed in Christian nations. Good to see white people maybe waking up to the treacherous stupidity of the cultural Marxist immigration scam and its ultimate goal of destroying western democracies through “diversity.” Most western governments now favor the Muslims over their own people. Be careful who you vote for and reject political correctness.” Bomb them with bacon!!

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