News and links for Sept. 1 2013 – 4

1. Shin Bet foils Hamas bomb attack planned for Jerusalem mall

Attacks were to take place at Mamilla mall during High Holidays; security forces uncover explosives lab at suspect’s home. More here

Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem

Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem Photo: SHMUEL BAR-AM

Security forces led by the Shin Bet announced on Sunday that they had foiled a bomb attack plotted by Hamas in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, timed for the High Holy Days.

2. Former hostage tells of rape, torture by Somali jihadists

3. Snowden Document: NSA Spied On Al Jazeera Communications

(This is interesting for what Al-Jazeera Arabic does)

The Qatar-based channel has been broadcasting audio and video messages from al-Qaida leaders for more than a decade.

4. Report: NSA spied on Brazilian, Mexican presidents

The National Security Agency’s spy program targeted the communications of the Brazilian and Mexican presidents, and in the case of Mexico’s leader accessed the content of emails before he was elected, the U.S. journalist who obtained secret documents from NSA leaker Edward Snowden said Sunday.

5. A limp-wristed defence of free speech (h/t Kathy Shaidle)

Pastor Martin Niemöller’s famous poem about the rise of the Nazis could just as easily apply to the lack of liberal opposition to the incremental erosion of freedom of expression at football. Initially, the authorities targeted racist chants. Next, it was the Old Firm war songs which were criminalised in Scotland. Now, the Etiquette Inquisition has turned its attentions to anti-gay chants. Last week, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) issued new guidelines warning fans that they would pursue a ‘robust prosecution policy’ against homophobic chanting.

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  1. Its here… Its happening…

    Serbian border police see huge increase in number of Syrian migrants (NBC, Sept 2, 2013)
    “Every year, the Serbian border police catch thousands of migrants from Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere who are trying to reach Serbia illegally. In many cases they come from Turkey, through Greece to Macedonia and Serbia before they reach Hungary and, with it, the borderless Schengen travel zone. With chaos and conflict raging in Syria, last year saw a huge increase in the number of Syrians trying to enter the Western Balkans in search of asylum in the West….”

  2. #2 Former hostage Amanda Lindhout can be seen in another photo at the UK Daily Mail donning a full abaya, while her ex-partner is seen in full Islamic style beard. Forgiveness? Or revert/stockholm syndrome?
    Amanda exposed herself as well as her ex to unspeakable danger when they chose to go to those jihad infested hellholes. She illustrates how little she has learned from her experience by announcing her empathy for a culture/cult which considers it’s female population as worth less than human. She is either a revert or has NO clue her efforts to empower women of a chaotic shariah infested society is just a foolhardy invitation for a repeat lesson. BTW, the article mentions she gave birth to a son, named “Osama”. I’m not suggesting she had any control or choice in that horrific milestone, but reading about her plans indicates she has either learned nothing from her experience or she has or is considering becoming a revert. Either way, the situation doesn’t look promising. . .because, “It’s in the Koran”

  3. Jordanian plane hijacked in Libya

    02 September 2013 16:56 (Last updated 02 September 2013 16:57)
    Armed group hijacked a Royal Jordanian airlines airplane in Libyan capital Tripoli

    Armed groups hijacked a Royal Jordanian airlines airplane in Libyan capital Tripoli on Monday.

    A Royal Jordanian airlines airplane scheduled to take off for Amman was hijacked in Tripoli International Airport, sources said.

    No announcement has so far been made by Libyan or Jordanian authorities.

    It also remains unknown whether or not there were any people onboard.

    International Tripoli Airport was besieged by armed groups and all flights were transferred to be conducted from Mitiga International Airport on Sunday night.–jordanian-plane-hijacked-in-libya

  4. said, “Serbian border police see huge increase in number of Syrian migrants”

    Western Politicians policy: “If Serbia attempts to defend their boarders call it ethnic cleansing and then bomb them”

    I wish I was being sarcastic. Even to this day western military personal that went to Kosovo believes it was ethnic cleansing and ‘hopes it never happens again’

    We are losing this fight so bad it is pathetic

  5. Ditzy bimbo. Sure forgiveness is nice, but revenge is way better. Why not use her horrible experience to open other people’s eyes to the evils of islam without trying to finesse and sugar coat the whole thing as some kind of libtard exercise in personal growth.

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