Links and news for Aug 27 2013 – 2

1. Syria has 500 scud missiles pointed at Israel.

(This report is apparently verified by several other sources and not exactly new)

2. Syria, a classic false flag: Trifkovik

3, I have received educated opinions that the video posted here earlier of the Al Qaeda people firing what appear to be chem-weapons are likely exactly that. That further, the various Muslim Brotherhood factions such as Hamas etc. are capable of multiple methods of delivery of chemical weapons using former soviet delivery systems, even katuyshes etc.  I will publish more later if this was not confidential info.

4. Georgia: Stand off between locals and authorities over the dismantling of a minaret given to a mosque by Turkey which the government dismantled. Series of links below and video. (Thank you M)

4a. Authorities Remove Minaret Forcibly, Sparking Muslim Community’s Protest

4b. Muslims detained for protesting minaret dismantling 

4c. Photos of the op

4d. 17 minute news video in Georgian dialect

4e. Minaret before being dismantled Georgian 3:45 long

4f. More before video

4g. Dismantling of minaret. (crack open a coke!)

4h. Halal Porkchop 90 second version

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  1. “Yesterday” they were “talking” peace… Today they are slaughtering each other again…

    Karzai condemns Afghan attacks (BBC, Aug 27, 2013)
    “Afghan President Hamid Karzai has condemned the killing of 12 civilians in two separate attacks in Afghanistan.

    Mr Karzai blamed the Taliban for the attacks and said neighbouring Pakistan had failed to use its influence to bring the Taliban to join peace talks.

    He said the Taliban and their backers wanted Afghanistan “impoverished and underdeveloped forever”.

    Six people were killed in eastern Paktia province. Six were abducted and shot dead in western Herat province…”

  2. CANADA – Man charged with uttering threats aboard Istanbul-bound flight appears in court
    Dogan Akkaya, a Canadian citizen who has lived in Toronto for the last nine years, was formally charged Monday with committing a terrorist hoax, assault, making threats, and criminal harassment.

    During his appearance in court Tuesday, Akkaya was dressed in a dark shirt printed with a picture of Turkey and listened as a courtroom interpreter translated the charges into Turkish.

    CTV Montreal’s Rob Lurie says the Crown in this case does not believe that Akkaya is a terrorist. Both the defence and the Crown have agreed to have Akkaya meet with a criminologist who will determine whether an assessment for psychiatric issues is necessary.

    A Turkish newspaper reported that one of the passengers on the flight heard Akkaya say to one of the flight attendants: “This will be your last flight.”

    Lurie says Akkaya’s defence lawyer told him that his client is alleged to have said something along the lines of, ‘You’re going to hear a bang and everyone is going will die.’

    None of the charges against Akkaya have been proven in court.

    video on the page :

    video in Turkish

  3. Boko Haram take revenge.

    ‘Boko Haram fighters’ kill vigilantes in Borno, Nigeria (BBC, Aug 27, 2013)
    “Suspected Boko Haram fighters have killed at least 20 members of vigilante groups trying to fight back against the group in north-east Borno state.

    The deaths occurred in two separate attacks on Sunday and Monday, said residents and a military official.

    Boko Haram has waged a deadly insurgency in Nigeria since 2009.

    In May, President Goodluck Jonathan declared an emergency in three north-eastern states, saying the group threatened Nigeria’s existence…”

  4. Re: #2
    Quote: There is no coherent U.S. strategy on Syria. It is based either on wishful thinking or on pig-headed mendacity

    There is a strategy, and that is to destabilize the entire Muslim world, except Muslim countries that are tied to the USA.

    This has been the strategy that was formulated over a period of 6 months, immediately after 9/11. There has been no significant change in this policy. Even Obama, if considered pro-Muslim cannot change it, or he will find some info coming out..

  5. #1 What type of warhead are the fitted with?

    #2 I don’t know who did this.
    DP Egypt was our good friend and Obama stabbed them in the back to help the Brotherhood.

    Libya was causing no problems and staying quiet when Obama stabbed them in the back to help the Brotherhood.

    Several other North African nations were our friends when Obama stabbed them in the back.

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