Links and news Aug 26 2013 – 1

1. People who are disrespectful of the pirate Mohamed should be killed, says tard-preacher on UK TV

Speaking directly into the camera, Nazimi concluded his remarks this way:

One has to choose one’s own method. … No one can be more fortunate than the one who loses his life, wealth and children for the sake of glorifying our beloved Lord [Mohammed] whom Allah praises and protects. I say the aim of establishing Noor TV, and the slogan of the founder of Noor TV, is the protection of the sanctity of Prophet Mohammed. … In the whole world, there should be slaves of Mustafa [Mohammed] everywhere, and disrespectful people should be eliminated. … The mission of our life is to protect the sanctity of our beloved Lord [Mohammed]. May Allah accept us wherever there is a need [to kill a blasphemer]. We are ready and should be ready at all times [to kill a blasphemer].

2. IDF: security forces entered neighborhood to carry out an arrest, and were attacked with “extreme violence” by hundreds of Arabs. H/T Tundra T

3. The Road to Damascus Starts in Tehran

4. UN Inspectors in Syria Come under Sniper Fire

A car carrying United Nations inspectors was shot at “multiple times” by snipers Monday as it headed to the scene of a suspected chemical weapons attack in which the Syrian regime is believed to have targeted its own people.


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  1. McCain urges ‘very serious’ US action on Syria

    A “very serious” US response to an alleged chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government does not require UN corroboration that the incident took place, a senior Republican senator said Monday.

    […]”If the US stands by and does not take very serious action — not just launching some cruise missiles — then again our credibility in the world is diminished even more… if there’s any left,” he said.

  2. Sen. Bob Corker: U.S. action in Syria is ‘imminent’

    […]the Obama administration is building support among NATO allies to take military action in Syria, whose government has been accused of using chemical weapons on civilians.

    “I don’t think there’s any question in the administration’s mind that chemical warfare has been used and that when we’re involved, it’s surgical, proportional to what has occurred,” Corker said on CBS’ “This Morning.”

    “I think response is imminent,” he added on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

    But emphasizing his nearly certain belief that chemical weapons were used against Syrian civilians, Corker said “it’s up to us to intervene.”

    Corker also said he supported a policy of allowing “the moderate, vetted opposition” who oppose the Assad regime to carry out activities on the ground.

    “I think the way we go about that so we don’t escalate this to something far beyond what it is today is important,” he said on CBS. “My sense says we have that ability and certainly need to not back the regime’s use of something all countries disdain — that is, use of chemical weapons against especially their own population.”

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