Women who fear forced marriages hide a spoon in their underwear so they can flee from their parents at airport security when they are taken aside to be searched

Now this is a headline that a decade or so ago, I would have bet the farm could never be on any real newspaper. And instead of the howling outrage it should generate, perhaps especially from the left, the soothing sound of crickets.

Daily Mail

Teenage girls who fear they are being taken abroad to enter into a forced marriage are escaping by putting metal spoons in their underwear, a charity has revealed.

Karma Nirvana, a Derby-based campaign group which supports victims of forced marriage, advises girls to use a spoon, or any other metal object, to set off detectors at the airport and separate themselves from parents.

The charity says a number of girls have used the tactic to avoid being taken overseas and entered into a life of servitude.

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7 Replies to “Women who fear forced marriages hide a spoon in their underwear so they can flee from their parents at airport security when they are taken aside to be searched”

  1. 2 things I fear for those girls: Now the pimping parents are alerted to that escape method,but even more, what I have seen of the fully dhimmified UK police, and the fact that “security staff” (even at airports) come increasingly from exactly ‘that’ cuuuuuuultural background, the girls are victims of.

  2. Rita.

    The girls can use a thin copper wire from any piece of electronic and sew it in the clothe and their parents will never find it 🙂

    But, you are right about security staff.

  3. WARNING!!! There is a fake news story about a pub denying british soldiers going around. I looked at the original site – It has minimal personal statment and looks like right wing pantomime.

    The story was from no news source and the three stories on the site are from august 16th. There were only 3. –

    Already there is a post somewhere blaming the EDL. The wordpress page was obviously concocted in order to make a fake libel.

    No soon as this story was up on a one day old blog then some “good citizen” “just happened to stop by” (on a blog that’s only been in existance for a day? Hm…) and pointed out the photo was from a year old story.

    Several other commenters pointed it out as well. except on pages that are not the stories page. They REALLY want people to know it’s a hoax.

    The thing is – it’s a double hoax. Those derps are just too smart for their own good. One of these commenters that is oh so concearned with the public learning the truth goes by the name Phil B.

    As in Kim Philby the infamous communist mole.

    An obvious stitch up attempting to blame and then defame the EDL as fabricators.

  4. The copper wire or a several small pieces of aluminum sewed into the clothes would be better but they might not always have enough warning to try that.

  5. Egyptian youth leader backs army in battle with Brotherhood (ND/Reuters, Aug 17, 2013)
    “Mahmoud Badr, the activist whose petition campaign helped to bring down Egypt’s Islamist president, says the bloodshed that has followed is a high but acceptable price for saving the nation from the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Badr’s staunch defense of the army, despite the deaths of almost 800 people in the past three days, shows how many Egyptians who consider themselves liberals are sitting back and watching what human rights campaigners say is one setback for democracy and the rule of law after another.

    “What Egypt is passing through now is the price, a high price, of getting rid of the Brotherhood’s fascist group before it takes over everything and ousts us all,” Badr, 28, told Reuters in a telephone interview…”

  6. Islam is a peaceful religion! Havent we heard that empty platitude so many times… I have a better one – Islam commands irrational behavior.

    Mursi supporters exchange fire with security forces in mosque (ND/Reuters, Aug 17, 2013)
    “upporters of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi exchanged gunfire with security forces inside a Cairo mosque on Saturday, three Reuters witnesses said.

    The gunmen opened fire on security forces from a second floor window in the Fath mosque, where hundreds of Mursi supporters have been taking refuge since protests turned violent on Friday.

    Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood has said it is committed to peaceful resistance to the army-backed government which toppled him. But a Brotherhood spokesman said this week that anger was out of control because of a bloody security crackdown….”

  7. My concern is for the safety of these girls if they are returned to their homes. They could be killed as an ‘honor killing’ under Islams Sharia Law because their refusal to comply with the marriage would be seen as an act of disobedience and a disgrace to their family. I hope the authorities have a plan for this! It is a crime of Human Trafficking. I offer hope.

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