Excerpt of Letter from the “Danish” jihadi Abu Khattab

Considering the amplitude of islamic horror today this doesn’t seem on the surface even to deserve a post. But there is more to importance than mere amplitude. There is also understanding the strategic goals of an enemy.

Thank you KitmanTV for translating this segment of the jihadis letter he posted at Facebook. The video I posted here yesterday, translated by Nicolai Sennels, is repeated here below the segment of his letter.

Know this, dear brothers and sisters, this Ummah have sacrificed its blood to uphold Allahs Sharia and Deen (obedience).
We cannot gain victory, if we do not sacrifice all that we posses, just as the early followers of the prophet did.
It is a huge blessing, for which we cannot thank Allah enough, that he made us to follow the Ahlus Sunnahti Wal Jama’ah (sunni-sect), gave us the right Manhaj (method) and blessed us with Jihad at this best-of-all places.

The Danes did not go to Syria in order to create a limited state, they whent to create a global state, which will reach from Christiansborg Palace (Danish Parliament) to the the White House in America.
This is just the beginning of the coming islamic state which will dominate from the east to the west.

My message to muslims in the west, and in Denmark is the same as Allah (swt) have said in the Koran – fulfill your obligations to Allah.

In the Koran Allah (swt) says:”It is he, who have sent his messenger with guidance and the true Deen, in order to dominate all other religions/ideologies, even though the infidels hate it.” (9:33)

(Note: translation of 9:33 follows the wording of the letter)

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  1. He is stating the goal of the Umah, unfortunately way too many people in the west especially in our leadership) refuse to learn from video’s and letters like these.

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