No news is bad news. A major? incident gets 6 lines…

…and not on page 1

I have held suspicions for some time now that the media and authorities here in Canada and pretty much everywhere are colluding to hide facts and events from the public that show the depth and frequency of Islamic attacks. This article adds a fair amount of weight to that idea. Yes, the article exists, but buried in the paper and no detail. Imagine had this same event taken place a dozen years ago. The place would be flooded with cameras and many demands to know what the plot was.

Ottawa Citizen Aug 8 2013

Police halt VIA Rail train over ‘suspicious incident’

OTTAWA — Ottawa police stopped a VIA Rail train in south Ottawa on Thursday night to investigate what they called a suspicious incident.

Police said the incident was not a threat to public safety and there had been no oil spills or leaks or no mechanical failures.

Police were interviewing each passenger. Police would not comment on the nature of the incident.

The train was stopped near Ramsayville Road and Russell Road. Police expected traffic delays in that area and around Anderson and Ridge roads.


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  1. How wonderful that the media and the authorities are seeking to provide a cloak of silence, respecting the family whose son committed suicide.

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