Links and news for Aug 9 2013 – 4

1. MI6 chief’s chilling warning: We can’t stop terror attacks

H/T BNI. (While this is from May 25 this year, I missed it, and its important.)

As if to illustrate his point, two RAF fighter jets had to be scrambled yesterday to escort a Pakistan airliner to Stansted airport, Essex, after two passengers tried to get into the cockpit. The plane, which had been bound for Manchester, landed safely and two men were arrested

2. Today: Eiffel Tower Evacuated After Bomb Alert

3. Army called out to restore peace after riots broke out in India right after, (ready) Muslim Ied prayers. (spelling of IED deliberate)

(This Facebook page claims that 30 Hindus have been burned to death in these riots. I have not yet found any news links to substantiate this.)

 Inspector General of Police Jammu Zone Rajesh Kumar told The Hindu that members of the two communities clashed with each other when Muslims were on way to Eidgah to participate in the congregational Eid prayers. He said that some people have sustained injuries and a number of the properties including vehicles have been damaged in different incidents of arson at district headquarters of Kishtwar and it’s peripheral areas. However, exact details of the damaged caused during the arson were not yet available.

4. Bomb at cemetery kills 14 in Afghanistan.

(well, I guess it saves on the hearse fees)

The killing took place on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the the highest holiday of Ramadan on the Islamic calendar.

5. Zimbabwe to open blacks only stock exchange. 

Nothing racist about that at all. But I will guess that if Obama had a stock broker, he would look just like someone who would never invest one penny he hoped not to lose there.

6. Today’s EDL radio program. (No special guests. Just chat and callers)

Thank you Richard, M, Wrath of Khan and many others for the links and some great comments.

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  1. #2. The bastards will get the Eiffel Tower yet – it has been in their sights for a long time – and that they have not achieved it yet somehow gives me “some” confidence in French security.

    #5. LOL (also you posted an all-black bashing of a white kid in that schoolbus some time back, at the time I was thinking: every one of the black bashers could have been the POTUS).

  2. #1. ““Even if you have the resources to do it, you have to have a very high level of suspicion to put surveillance on them.

    “What are you monitoring? Lots of people have very odd views.””

    Seriously? They don’t know what to monitor? As if all “odd” views are the same, and they cannot distinguish one that will lead to attacks. Sounds like they are scrubbing all association of Islam to terrorism just like in the US. Their law enforcement is sadly handicapped by political correctness.

  3. 5/ Sigh… Don’t you realise by now that if Obama had a stockbroker he would actually look like Trayvon Martin?

  4. #1 Mi6 just have to stop immigration, arrest this and the previous politicians for treason, and employ people based solely on merit. In ten years we’ll become prosperous and have freedom again… Oh, Mi6? – they’re just recruited people for Diversity and are as solid as swiss cheese.


  5. EGYPT- With sexual harassment usually exploding during Eid holiday, an anti-sexual harassment campaign reports perpetrators as young as 8 years old

    The anti-sexual harassment campaign “I witnessed harassment” confirms several cases of sexual harassment over the holiday weekend these past two days – including perpetrators as young as 8 and 10 years old.

    The campaign deployed more volunteers around downtown Cairo during Eid El-Fitr, the holiday that ends the Ramadan month of fasting, when sexual harassment is known to explode.

    Reports described everything from verbal to physical assault and mob sexual attacks.–yr-olds-i.aspx

  6. #1 The Nanny State is in a catch 22 situation, if they don’t protect the citizens they will start protecting themselves (as they should have been allowed to do along), if they do protect their citizens they will piss off the minorities that elect them and they will be voted out of office. Either way the nanny staters/statists are screwed.

    #5 Their is enough money in Zimbabwe to support a stock market!

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