Links and News for Aug 4 2013 – 1

1. Andrew Bostom: What the General who helped depose Morsi in a recent coup thinks about how government should look in Egypt in his 2006 thesis at a US military academy, and what he says now to the Washington Post. An important read.

2. Imam Predicts Muslims Will Become the Majority in Canada

“We have reason to get together and to love each other and to go paint and to paint our future especially in country like this [Canada] as minority. Muslims are minority in this country [Canada] and Allah Willing in the future they will be, Allah Willing majority. So far we are minority, so when we get together this is kind of jihad in a way.”

3. Yesterday in Toronto, a permit was cancelled for the annual ‘Al Quds’ demonstration, or as we like to call it, a ‘Tard-Fester’, or as Grace referred to it, an ‘Allahpaloozah’. But they did get a permit for some other park and went ahead with the destroy Israel meme Iran so enjoys. It does make me wonder why Jewish people don’t start a ‘Free Yathrib’ day where everyone has posters and T shirts demanding that Saudi Arabia return the city of Medina back to the people who built it, the Jews. You know, the city where the pirate Mohamed tuned on the people he initially befriended and then slaughtered 900 of them with his own sword once he had the upper hand.

H/T Blazing Cat Fur for the coverage.

4. The Blonde of Youtube is inspiring other people to come forward and speak publicly about the cowardice of censorship as a tool of defeating views you don’t like, and how opponents of Islam tend to use facts while their enemies use hyperbole, ad-hominem and rhetoric and how can, he wonders, these people look at themselves in the mirror.

We have a volunteer to translate this video (thank you Bear) if anyone wants to see it out there.

5. Will Egypt’s Copts and muslims live in peace? RT


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  1. #1 I abhor the whole concept of Sayid. Just because some one is a blood relation of an nlaw does not make them mentally capable of gverning nor a moral person.

    I bet all those claiming descent from the prophet have many different Y chromosomes. They could maybe identify those lines passed on by his son in laws. there were two. There may have been some mutations in said Y chromosomes. But it would be funny about how many people moved from one city to another in medieval times and set up shop claiming to be a descendant of the prophet and thereby set himself up to decide matters of law and /or getting rich.

    The 70 years of time that General Sisi thinks of being the golden age of Islamic jurisprudence and righteous rule laster 4 caliphs. If it was so good of an era, then how did it go so wrong and end up in a Muslims Civil War?

    If 1st contact were made with an alien race, the 1st thing the alien race should do is quarantine Earth until the Islamic madness is ended.

  2. 1. Andrew Bostom is implying and attitude or endorsement from the 2nd statement AND seeing a conflict between the two statments where little to none exists.

    I don’t see that the two paragraphs together constitute taqyya on the part of the General.

    First of all keep in mind that these two statments are 7 years or so apart. Also that neither is an endorsement but rather an observation.

    A The dilemma between the former president [Muhammad Morsi] and the people originated from [the Muslim Brotherhood’s] concept of the state, the ideology that they adopted for building a country, which is based on restoring the Islamic religious empire. That’s what made [Mohamed Morsi] not a president for all Egyptians but a president representing his followers and supporters

    B “Democracy cannot be understood in the Middle East without an understanding of the concept of El Kalafa,” or the caliphate, which Sisi defines as the 70-year period when Muslims were led by Muhammad and his immediate successors. Re-establishing this kind of leadership “is widely recognized as the goal for any new form of government” in the Middle East, he asserts. The central political mechanisms in such a system, he believes, are al-bi’ah (fealty to a ruler) and shura (a ruler’s consultation with his subjects).”

    The first paragraph talks about Empire and the 2nd says a lot of people want the mythical form of government and talks about the relation between government and people. Furthermore the 2nd paragraph is saying what people think, not saying weather the writer agrees with it.

    It very well could be read as the author showing a key to bringing democracy to Egypt. Indicating how to frame changes to the public. (but that depends on what else is in the thesis)

    The two statemens don’t show a 180 in personal thought about governance. The key is SHURA. It could be argued that Morsi was just playing to his base, rather than really going along with the concept of SHURA.

    A key to Bostom’s miss apointing of meaning to this is “Widely Believed”.

    “Re-establishing this kind of leadership “is WIDELY recognized as…”

    “Widely” just means a lot of people think it. It does not mean the majority does. And it does not mean the writer agrees with it – just that he thinks a fair amount of people think it.

    It could very well be that in the 2nd paragraph he is talking about a psychological Key to bringing democracy to Egypt. Showing a way to frame it so that it will be most widely accepted- perhaps a way to frame it so that those most opposed to it would be obligated to go along with it.

    But then again I am reading into what is said in that one paragraph. It depends on what else is in the thesis.

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