Freedom of speech? Sure. The problem is no freedom of listen.

This is the fourth video of that sweet, ‘Blonde-of-Youtube’ I have posted in the past week or so. Three of them deal with Islam and it’s effects on France and Europe. One of them discusses the fact that her videos have been deleted from Youtube, and, if I understand her correctly, she also had a Facebook page deleted because of the content of her videos.

What I find interesting is why. Her material is relatively innocuous. Compared to what imams say in a day about the rest of us on these same forums, the death threats she herself receives regularly and the attendant vulgarity, her videos are simple and obvious observations and analysis that is pretty much watertight.

So why the deletion? Why did her videos get yanked and my video of say, Anusup for mass relief not pulled?

Well I have a guess.

On her own channel, Blonde of Youtube (Great icon by the way) these videos enjoyed hundreds of thousands of views. Well the first two did, linked here and here. (My mirror of them.) The third one got pulled very shortly after it went up as I understand it and the one where she discusses the deletions has not been up long at all.

Below is the third video which was deleted very shortly after it went up, along with the first two on her own channels.

One of them is over 24,000 views on the Youtube channel it currently resides on. I would guess this means its not long to exist there if it continues to get views and if my theory is correct.

So what we have is indeed freedom of speech. But thanks to the technology that lets us know exactly how many and who are watching, what we do not have is freedom of listen.

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  1. Hollande plans new aid for France’s Muslim suburbs

    Some 5bn euros (£4.4bn; $6.6bn) of direct state investment would be injected next year into projects to generate jobs and improve housing

    Mr Hollande visited the troubled Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois this week.

    He acknowledged that the “slow-burning fuse” of suburban unrest was still burning, but said it could be stopped. “While this fuse burns slowly, we can stop it with projects that are long-term, very long-term,” he said.

    Credit would be concentrated on the 230 areas most in need.

  2. Even if we do not have freedom of listen, what we also do not have is ENCOURAGEMENT TO LISTEN.
    Freedom of speech is useless if people are not encouraged to listen. A dumbed-down PC education system discourages people from listening to views that do not fit the narrative.
    I bet that out of the thousands of views these videos got, a large percentage of people stopped listening after a few seconds. Once they realised that it shocked their PC sensitivities, they switched off. They probably still complained though!
    This is a serious issue. The only way to get people to listen is to cleverly disguise the message as one that endorses their views, then bring in small pieces of information that challenge these views, but in a way that they hardly notice It’s a slow-burn process. The Muslims do it and the Leftists do it. We need to steal some of their tricks.

  3. OT – OTTAWA – Man, 71, arrested for anti-Islamic graffiti on outhouse

    OTTAWA — A 71-year-old man was charged with mischief for writing an anti-Islamic statement on a portable outhouse in a Kemptville park.

    Police said they caught the man vandalize the outhouse at the Riverside Park in Kemptville around 10 p.m. Wednesday.

    The man was arrested and taken to the Kemptville OPP detachment late Wednesday night.

    Bruce Rice, age 71 from Kemptville was charged with mischief under $5,000.

    Anyone with information about the vandalism can call the Grenville County OPP communication centre

  4. This woman has a chance to be like the women of the French Resistance in WWII.

    She will enjoy a lot of success if she can keep getting her message out

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