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5 Replies to “Beautiful Black woman had acid thrown in face by burka wearer”

  1. Quote: And God has given me a reason to live”.

    Yes indeed. Unfortunately, the person who did it, and many of her compatriots, believe that throwing acid into women’s faces pleases allah.

  2. If this news draws widespread condemnation, as it should, you can bet the Taqqiya merchants will be out in force, claiming that there is nothing in the koran about throwing acid into a woman’s face. In fact Islam respects women etc.

    It will be followed with an abridged version of Koran 5:32.

  3. Ever walked the family dog around the neighborhood only for it to be attacked by an unleashed dog?

    Well I have. My dog would of course recognize other dogs and wag its’ tail. After a few maulings from a sheep dog, it got vicious not toward people, but to many different dogs. Of course the dog never wagged when it saw the sheep dog had once again escaped it owners and was charging. The hackles would rise. The hackles would rise when ever we passed by the house where two miniature poodles would come charging down the drive way hell bent on destruction only to stop at the curb. The bark was worse than their nonexistent bite. Nonetheless a few houses before we passed the the yappers, my dog would recognize the area and its’ hackles would rise.

    Well that is the way I feel about veils, beards and dissembling people practicing taqqiya.

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