Danish Hospital to use only islamic ritualy-slaughter beef.


Hospital uses only halal beef

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July 22, 2013 – 14:21

Torben Mogensen, vice president of Hvidovre Hospital, says no patients have complained about the hospital’s decision to serve only halal meat (Photo: Scanpix)
Hvidovre Hospital has introduced halal meat to its menu for the sake of Muslim patients. The hospital’s decision to serve only halal-slaughtered beef to all of its patients is being met with criticism.

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7 Replies to “Danish Hospital to use only islamic ritualy-slaughter beef.”

  1. Mr. Morgensen is part of the problem, all of this pandering,groveling, and making special arrangements for ‘the followers of the teachings of the prophet’ only emboldens them to ask for more and more.

  2. From a financial standpoint I can see why they did this, but it was still the wrong move even if it did save money.

  3. As a Swede talking fluently Danish, I have lived 10 years in Copenhagen. Denmark has a very long tradition as a high quality meat producer. I don’t think their strong organisations will accept this decision. And the Danes – obverse to the Swedes – can be both tough and rough.

  4. Dear Eeyore,

    Relevant comment. But just watch the Danes and wait for the result.

    I wouldn’t advice anyone to move either to Sweden or Denmark. Regarding Norway – I suggest consulting Fjordman before making any decision..

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