Links and news for July 22 2013 – 1

1. Egypt Violence Kills 9, Threatens Transition to Elections

Militants have also stepped up attacks on security forces in the Sinai peninsula, and yesterday, unidentified gunmen shot dead a police sergeant in the northern town of El-Arish, the interior ministry said today in an e-mailed statement. […] Muslim Brotherhood leader Essam El-Erian urged Egyptians to peacefully lay siege to the (US) mission.

(h/t Richard)

2. UK: Man charged with further terror offences after Black Country explosions

  Pavlo Lapshyn spoke only to confirm his name and date of birth during the short hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court after being charged yesterday with the terrorist related killing of 82-year-old grandfather Mohammed Saleem.

Additional terrorism charges relating to the Ashia Mosque, Walsall, Kanz Ul Iman Masjid Mosque, Tipton and Wolverhampton Central Mosque were confirmed today in court.

3. Ukraine: Muslim Organizations of Ukraine Condemn Terrorist Acts in Dnipropetrovsk

(as the group said: “No matter who committed them” I suspect it was muslims who did these attacks)

“The alarming events in Dnipropetrovsk shook the whole Ukraine: a series of explosions in the middle of a work day injured 29 citizens including 9 minors.

“We strongly condemn these inhuman immoral actions regardless of who committed them. We express our sincere sympathy to the victims and demand that these crimes should be solved quickly in a qualified and unbiased way and that the perpetrators should be punished.

4. European Parliament identifies Wahabi and Salafi roots of global terrorism

The report, released in June 2013, was commissioned by European Parliament’s Directorate General for External Policies. The report warns about the Wahabi/Salafi organisations and claims that “no country in the Muslim world is safe from their operations … as they always aim to terrorise their opponents and arouse the admiration of their supporters.” The nexus between Arab charities promoting Wahabi and Salafi traditions and the extremist Islamic movements has emerged as one of the major threats to people and governments across the globe

5. Montreal amusement park ends allowance for religious outside food.

(It has been obvious to me for some time that Jews will end up being caught in the push-back against Islamic supremacism and constant demands on Western societies for some time. Unfortunate perhaps but better than the alternative)

6. Large explosion reported in Tripoli’s embassy district

(AGI) Tripoli, July 23 – Eye witnesses have reported a large explosion in Tripoli’s embassy district, more specifically located in a residential complex close to the so-called Tripoli Towers, a building that hosts a number of foreign embassies including those of Great Britain and Canada. . .

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6 Replies to “Links and news for July 22 2013 – 1”

  1. Pavlo presents a problem for the Left. He is not part of the EDL. So they will Move on. At a later date they will mention the mosque bombings and how terrible it is for the Muslims but they will keep mum on the Terrorist Acts in Dnipropetrovsk that only injured 29 but not for lack of trying.

  2. It is very sad that an old man has been murdered but this sort of thing was always going to happen. I find it remarkable though that his murderer is being charged for a terrorist act whilst the killers of lee Rigby are charged with murder and possesion of a firearm. This will not be lost on the general public and it will put at risk even more the ‘social cohesion’ the government is trying so hard to protect. They’re pathetic and clueless.

  3. No. 5:

    “It has been obvious to me for some time that Jews will end up being caught in the push-back against Islamic supremacism and constant demands on Western societies for some time. Unfortunate perhaps but better than the alternative)

    You articulate exactly what I felt for a long time to. And I am so sad to see many Jews taking a rather “self-destructive” line of defense: they defend the HALAL, instead of concentrating to point out the fundamental differences between Halal and Kosher – ie we “non-believers” are forced to buy Halal (hardly any non-halal stamped food on the supermarket shelves these days) and it finances islamist terrorism, Kosher food is firstly of a much smaller proportion, it is in specialised shops and we don’t pay for it. (The HALAL stamping in Australia is a million dollar industry – they even stamp with Halal foods that are naturally halal). As to the method of killing the animals: I have no answer.

    But I think I know WHO will abide by the law, and who will not.

    Here is an interesting link about HALAL:

  4. ohh! God – You make an excellent point about different criminal charges for those murders, but I don’t feel confidence the public will notice we have a two tier justice system. They don’t notice more lenient treatment of Muslims who commit crimes, why would they notice more severe charges being brought against anyone who harms a Muslim?

    It couldn’t be clearer the murderers of soldier Rigby committed a terrorist act based on religious hatred – they admitted it on video, – yet they haven’t been charged with a hate crime or as terrorists, and where is the outrage at this omission?

    There is none because most people are blind to what’s happening, but the Muslim community will notice and it might appease them for a short while, but long term, the favorable treatment will only fuel self-centered feelings of victim status, and blinker them to the reality that non-Muslims have more to fear from them, than they do from us.
    Nothing will change as the silent majority don’t count. Our leaders and opinion makers are too busy appeasing the exaggerated fears and demands of a vocal and volatile minority, perhaps also hoping to buy some time before the next outbreak of Islamic based violence. When will they learn that appeasement will only lead to further demands and calls for further appeasements.

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