Links and news for July 22 2013 – 1

1. CBS News bit from last night on French rioting. (It seems that you can describe what takes place as long as you do not describe who is doing it unless its in the context of giving them more respect and authority.) H/T Richard

The interior minister urged calm and dialogue, insisting on both the need for public order and respect for France’s Muslims.

2. What happens when you take the harsh dictator out of an area with mostly Muslims? Let’s look at Iraq.  (A bomb a day makes civilization go away)

3. Canadian security services should really watch these sorts of events closely. As more and more muslim terrorists get jailed in Canada, efforts to release them by force will occur. As Richard points out in his email, our prisons are not meant to withstand an attack from outside as the social convention when they were built, is that none of us wanted these people to get out. Attack on Iraqi prison to free terrorists

4. Andrew Bostom fisks Charles Krauthammer’s analysis of Hamas offers of a 10 year ‘truce’.  (Anyone entertaining this sort of offer should look carefully at Mohamed’s 10 year truce deal with the city of Mecca, which he violated by attacking it again 2 years after he signed it.)

5. Norwegian rape victim ‘pardoned’ in Dubai

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  1. #3 as the Moslem war of conquest escalates we can expect attacks like this in all Western nations. The problem is that the prisons in North America aren’t built to withstand attacks from the outside, they are designed and built to prevent escapes from inside. When/if these attacks occur we can expect a lot of non Moslem prisoners to take advantage of the chaos to run.

  2. and also, to Richard (#3), if Western nations have a dictator, ooops, I mean, a president like Obama, then it really doesn’t matter how sturdy these prisons are built, because prisoners will escape via more “conventional” means, the way thousands of Palestinian terrorists “escape” from Israeli prisons — and that is simply thru “U.S.-backed negotiations” as is happening now, with U.S.-backed Palestinian demands for Israel to release more than 80 Palestinian prisoners. Israel has released thousands of Palestinian terrorists, sometimes for “dead” Israeli bodies in return, and sometimes for just one person in return (Gilad Shalit).

  3. #4

    A 10 year truce is a mattter of law, but it is only valid between Muslim states. A Muslim state may make a peace treaty with a non-Muslim state for 10 years, but it may be violated by Muslims with no recrimination (at least among Muslims).

  4. #1 CBS news actually carried “a bit” about the French riots?

    I say part of a NBC newscast last night. They were talking about the reason for the rise in oil prices. You cannot do a lot in 2 or 3 minutes, but other than mention the rise at the pump, that it may not come down until fall, and American production of oil has doubled, they avoided the whole point as to why it rose. It was jingoistic. It was meant to pretend to convey information when all it was really supposed to do make you feel that you know something when you do not. It would have been just as edifying and entertaining if NBC had just run a jingo for some commercial product form this year or yesteryear.

    CBS is no different than NBC. The picture shows a tearful Muslima. It is propaganda, it is editing the news. Full coverage would show the no go zones, the hostile treatment of Muslims against others and statistics on crime.

  5. Only an idiot can’t see that if ever muslims in europe get the whip hand we are all f#*&/*.
    They will remember bans on veils and calls for curtailing Sharia. It aint gonna end well.

  6. Iraq is wrecked for the forseeable future. Pakistan too via our intervention in Afghanistan. So too Egypt, Tunisia, Mali and Syria.

    The entire region has been wrecked, one way or other – bringing the light of democracy, WMDs, chemical weapons, any excuse, by Western intervention. All as a direct consequence of 9/11.

    The entire Western world has stood shoulder to shoulder in this enterprise – no exception.

    Now we are in phase 2 of a war that George let slip as a Crusade. Approximate duration – 40 more years.

    This is the Last Crusade. I have sympathy for Muslims in the Islamic world, for they are going to suffer greatly in the years to come.

    One way out for Egypt and Syria from the ever increasing suffering they will be subjected to, is for them to give state safety to Christians in their countries. This might just stay the hand of the secular governments of the West. For rest assured, that Muslim countries that do not have large amounts of exportable oil, will be subjected to such financial pressure, that they will be unable to feed themselves.

  7. DP111

    Did you know the Afghan ruler sent military forces to Xinjiang in the 1930s?

    The Turks were still massacring Greeks in the 1820s.

    The elite military unit known as the Janissaries were young men forcibly taken from Christian families and indoctrinated into Islam by the Turks.

    I could list much more. The list is much longer and much more grievious than any list they could make.

    How many time do we have to turn the other cheek? I take exception with people using that ideal. IMO the phrase turning the other cheek is misinterpreted by today’s people and probably by people in Medieval Europe. Turning the other cheek was the slappee letting the slapper know that he better not do it again. The slapper was not immediately or necessarily retaliated against using physical force. But they were put on notice. But nowadays we get Christians but especially liberals telling us that we must turn the other cheek. But one has to know the customs and culture of the Roman World. Turning the other cheek means you had better not slap the person again

    How many times do they attack us before we reply? Our critics can call it a crusade, but reply we must. they can sneeringly call it a Crusade and we will know them by their words.

    Or that Aramco when it was run by Americans encouraged locals to start businesses and become entrepreneurs. that is how Osama bin laden’s father got his start. He was an employee of Aramco.

    Aramaco’s policy was that he could strike out on his won and if it didn’t work his job with Aramco was safe. Doesn’t much look to be Imperialism to me.

  8. CB don’t worry, Obama is a dictator in the making, one that is doing great damage to the west. Damage that will have to be repaired with the blood of patriots.

    The schools are afraid to teach the facts of the US involvement overseas, the facts make the libs look like the liars they are.

  9. CB I was thinking of the non Moslem prisoners, the ordinary criminals as well as the rapists and murders, when a modern western prison is attacked the non Moslem prisoners will also be freed. This act will create havoc that will make it easier for the Moslems to leave the area of the pen.

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