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7 Replies to “AFTERBURNER w/ BILL WHITTLE: The Lynching”

  1. Wouldnt be surprised at all if most of those rioters were Muslims.

    Riot hits Australian-run migrant camp on Nauru (BBC, July 20, 2013)
    “Police have restored order after rioting broke out at an Australian-run immigration detention camp on the Pacific island state of Nauru.

    Reports said several buildings were set alight on Friday and the camp’s medical centre had been destroyed.

    Australian immigration officials said about 150 asylum-seekers were involved.

    The riot broke out hours after Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced tough new measures on asylum-seekers arriving by boat.

    Witnesses said a large number of local residents carrying machetes and steel pipes arrived to help police in preventing the asylum-seekers – most of whom are believed to be Iranian – from breaking out…”

  2. Whittle’s final thought is truly chilling – terrifying, in fact. If they’re willing to go this far to convince us of this relatively small lie, how far would they be willing to go to convince us of a much, much bigger one? How about the fact that Obama al-Hussein is now actively and openly fighting on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood while the mainstream media looks the other way? How’s that for a whopper? Those are the guys who inspired Osama bin Laden, who was the guy who did 9/11, and the Americans are now openly backing them – and the average person has no idea…

  3. The entire Obama administration is based on the lie that Obama is patriotic, every move he has made has been designed to damage the US with the goal of doing enough damage that we will be destroyed.

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