Paris: RATP (Paris city bus) firebombed by Molotov cocktail on Berthier Blvd.

An original translation by C.B.


From Le Parisien:

An RATP bus was firebombed on Saturday around 8:15 PM on Berthier Blvd. in the 17th district of Paris. It was an articulated bus that circulates on line PC3. According to witnesses who were questioned on the spot, and police, the disaster would have been caused by a petard (detonator) of July 14th (Bastille Day) or a molotov cocktail thrown against the bus

There were no casualties among the 50 passengers present on board so far. According to RATP, the driver was a good professional who himself evacuated the passengers. He was lightly wounded in the operation.

An investigation is now in progress and no avenue of investigation will be ignored. According to a witness at the scene, a “petard” (detonator) was drawn on the back of the bus”, and this would have immediately ignited the fire. In the early hours of July 14th (the national holiday) the question of fireworks worried the police force.


The fire released a very impressive plume of smoke that could be seen over Paris which the reporter, Stephane Bern, didn’t fail to capture.

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5 Replies to “Paris: RATP (Paris city bus) firebombed by Molotov cocktail on Berthier Blvd.”

  1. Soon knocking on our doors. Muhammadan youth bulge will deliver. For sure.

    Bomber boys of Balochistan: Kids as young as 11 held over insurgent attacks in Pakistan (NBC, July 13, 2013)
    “In Pakistan’s conflict-torn Balochistan, boys as young as 11 are being paid $20 to carry out bomb attacks by a militant separatist group that’s been fighting the government for years. Pakistani authorities discovered a network of child bombers after a 14-year-old was caught with a bomb in a shopping bag in March in Balochistan, a resource-rich province bordering Iran….”

  2. “An investigation is now in progress and no avenue of investigation will be ignored…”

    Ha Ha Ha !

    The 17th formerly a very affluent arrondissement of Paris, adjoining the 16e (which includes the formerly elegant Champs Elysees), now takes its “visitors” mainly from the 18th – nearly exclusively occupied by arab/Maghreb/sub-Saharan/islamic immigrants (place of the prayers in the street etc.). They “visit” when there is something to “celebrate” – the last “celebration islamic style” (a couple of months ago) was the victory by the most famous French Soccer club “Paris Saint Germain” sold recently to Qatar, where shop front windows of the Champs Elysees were destroyed, cars were fire bombed, police had lost control (or rather, as the rumor went, had been ordered by Qatar to show a very modest presence, lest it might not be a good look for their islamic masters) and several French police had finished up in hospital. There too was an “investigation” – with the usual result: total silencing of the voices who knew what happened. The same will happen with this “investigation” – since the communities – from whence these thugs come have voted to 98% for the present extreme left pro-islamist government of Francois Hollande.

    So let me repeat my cynical laughter: HA HA HAAA ! pffft.

  3. The conquest to France is turning more violent, it won’t be long before the attacks are occurring more frequently.

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