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5 Replies to “The trial of a jihadi in the Boston bombing begins.”

  1. Is the heat on? Is it? For sure it is!

    Pakistan’s security chief killed by suicide attacker (CNN, July 10, 2013)
    “The security chief to Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari was killed Wednesday in a suicide attack in Karachi, police said. Police Superintendent Raja Umer Khitab said the attacker also killed the security chief’s driver and a fruit stall vendor who was on the side of the road. Video showed the wreckage of a white SUV. The port city of Karachi is Pakistan’s largest.”

  2. Look at the video comments.. they are full of people supporting the terrorist or more against the government.

    They don’t trust anything this government says anymore.

  3. They better guard this monster very carefully.
    Boston is so densely populated, everyone was affected by the bombing. Post-traumatic stress continues to be widespread; the “usual suspects” might be encouraged to smother themselves here.
    The brothers were brought to bay in Little Armenia, where their kind is as sympathetic as ebola. When the Boston hospital treating this cop-killer was identified, there was a near riot. He had to be moved to a military facility in the dead of night. And NO cemetery in this STATE would accept his brother’s remains.
    For all its filthy political-machine corruption, its embarrassing liberal flatulence, this is a city where veterans of the IRA don’t have to pay for a beer.

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