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5 Replies to “Charlie Hebdo does Ramadan special issue magazine!”

  1. I admire their courage. We need an English language cartoon equivalent, or better still a comic strip or even an animation.
    Vlad you’re an artist……….

  2. Their offices were firebombed, their editor has – I don’t know how many fatwas on his head, the French government has “warned” him, the main media snigger and say “Chalie only does it to increase their circulation” and etc. blablabla….
    I salute them!

  3. The plain truth is never nice and smooth , but rather cold and harsh, and most in the MSM and the feckless political class do not have the balls to admit to it . They are shit scared of being labeled as biased, racist , or Islamophobic. IMHO many of our ‘esteemed’ politicians have sold out the many to favor the few, basically they have prostituted themselves to the $audi money distributed by the Lobbyists in DC who wine. dine. and pocket line them.

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