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3 Replies to “Michael Coren speaks to Robert Spencer on the Ban from Britain”

  1. Talk about pure premeditated evil, eh? The Home Secretary is aware of the danger that Spencer warns us about, but still wants the information kept from the British People so the government can continue rushing armies of Muslims into Great Britain without anybody getting too upset. Unbelievable! Have the politicians all been paid off by the Saudi billionaires? Is that what’s going on? Is that how they all rose above the crowd and became the governors of today? Did they all get “help” with their mortgages and “help” with their careers, and now must pay back their benefactors? Why would the Home Secretary in a “Conservative” government be doing such a staggeringly un-Churchillian thing?

  2. The real problem though is that our ruling elite have no fear of the people. They can do what they like – over tax us, engage in spying on everyone, and pay themselves whatever they think they deserve, and they know that we wont do anything, as we are cowards. Cowardice arises from the root that we do not believe in anything but the man and pursuit of happiness.

    Here is a lovely clip. Its really enjoyable.


    Courage is not innate in any thinking individual, as it goes against a most important and primitive sense, that of self-preservation.

    The Cowardly Lion had to ask the Wizard for courage, and then put his faith that he has the courage when his request was granted.

    So it was with Charles Martell, King Sobieski, Jean Parisot de la Valette, Hunyadi, and their soldiers. They too were afraid as they confronted the Islamic invasions of Europe. They were grossly outnumbered, but they prayed to God and humbly asked Him for His blessing and courage. If it were not so, Europe would have been Islamic long ago. We, and the rest of the world, would be in the worst possible Dark Age, and no Western civilization.

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