Links and news for June 24 2013 – 1

1. Unlicensed Algerian cab driver is jailed for rape nine years after being cleared of near identical attack. (makes you wonder what else he did for those 9 years) H/T EDL Buck

2. The National-Security Right Goes Silent. Article on how different factions in the US view the current Obama security breaches of privacy.

3. McDonalds has removed halal items from its menu just two months after reaching a six-figure settlement in a lawsuit alleging that not all of the chicken was prepared according to Islamic law. (Six figures over arbitrary beliefs. Its not like anyone was allergic. I mean really, who gives a crap. Even if you served pork to Jews and they thought they were not eating pork they are still being observant aren’t they?

4.  Belgian Jew attacked after placing mezuzah on door frame

Cindy Meul assaulted, hospitalized for 15 days by neighbors who wanted to ‘finish what the Nazis started’ […] Earlier this month, prosecutors in Brussels decided not to file charges in a 2011 case in which a 15-year-old Jewish girl was attacked outside her school by five boys who called her a “dirty Jew” before hitting her repeatedly in the face.

5. Why the EDL is marching in Birmingham

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  1. Six arrested in French anti-terrorist raid: source

    Six people were arrested in the Paris region on Monday in coordinated raids on members of a suspected radical Islamist cell allegedly planning “terrorist acts” on French soil, a source close to the investigation told AFP.

    The suspects, aged between 22 and 38, were “all known to police for serious delinquency” and are being detained by the police anti-terrorist unit in the Paris suburb of Levallois.

    The members of the suspected Islamist cell include one man from Benin, another from the Comoros and four French nationals, a source close to the case said.

    They are suspected of being involved in the hold-up of a branch of the Banque Postale in Seine-et-Marne in April “and apparently planning to commit other armed robberies”, the source close to the investigation said.

    According to the anti-terror police investigators, “they were planning to commit terrorist acts targeting well-known figures in France,” the source added.

  2. After 12 years of the left attacking the war and lying about the reasons for the war people are believing the left, as the Moslems continue their attacks and increase the number of attacks people will start calling for the renewal of the war.

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