An important article on Iran by Melanie Phillips

I get a lot of material about Iran. I am on Reza’s email list and others and even local hardworking and under-appreciated ex-pat Persian activists (thank you Shab) tirelessly monitoring IRI websites and Facebook front groups for the IRI trying to shame Canada into changing its foreign policy to be more Iran friendly.

Most of it I skip as its a whole field in and of itself. As one person, even with the team of fantastic readers and volunteers who send in material all the time, its impossible to cover all the horror that is shaping the coming darkness we are starting to see the leading edge of on the horizon now.

So it is appreciated when there is a single, well written summary of the Iranian situation as it likely is. Melanie wrote this article in the aftermath of the startling panel show she did on UK TV Saturday, the relevant bit of which was posted here at Vlad.

Please click through to Ms. Phillips article here:


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  1. One thing to note is that the vast majority of terrorist attacks on the West, from 9/11 onwards, have come from Sunnis and not Shias.

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