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9 Replies to “Tommy Robinson makes short shrift of yet another hostile BBC presenter”

  1. Oh dear the poor interviewer….How can she compete with Gladstone and Churchill.The politically correct BBC producer must have been shouting Cut,Cut into her earpiece.Winston Churchill.s pronouncements on Islam are extremely damaging to the leftist media.The leftists know there is still massive respect for Churchill.His views on the cult are kept strictly away from all media in the UK.
    Indeed the majority of the general public have no idea of Churchill’s statements.
    Excellent, Tommy knows they cannot win or detract from someone with the charisma of these great historical statesmen.The interviewers only option was to shut down the interview immediately…..

  2. I’m so confused, (at the very least their intention), six months ago this interview would never have seen the light of day. SO, are they realising their mistake and backpeddling, or, (more likely in my opinion) are they deliberately trying to get us at each others throat, giving them an excuse to crack down on US. It’a a heads they win, tails we lose scenario, if we do nothing we have lost, if we try to defend ourselves we will be crushed.This is being very cleverly orchestrated. We all know how selective enforcement works.

  3. bains et al,

    Couldn’t agree more, and even if Tommy misquoted Churchill (it was ‘hydrophobia’), ‘rabies’ is a far better comparison.

    However, I believe it’s high time Tommy went on the offensive with these cretins.

    Her first question – “..what are you trying to achieve -other than cause division?” is a loaded question, and as such, in breach of the journalistic code of ethics. And were he to call her out on it, aside from throwing her off her game, the BBC might be far more inclined to toe the line with him than they have been so far.


    “Aside from being an informal fallacy depending on usage, such questions may be used as a rhetorical tool: the question attempts to limit direct replies to be those that serve the questioner’s agenda.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loaded_question

  4. Well, the BBC still seems to incorporate that formerly best side of the English ie Humor – except it has become very very black, (no pun intended): I’m referring to this comment by the BBC indiviudal: (To do this.)..”..AT THE PLACE WHERE LEE RIGBY WAS MURDERED WILL PROVOQUE VIOLENCE…” doh!

    So what was the behading and butchering of Lee Rigby at that place if not “VIOLENCE”?
    And what or who “provoked” it?

  5. Bravo, Tommy Robinson! There is no ladder high enough for the BBC (queens of hypocrisy and promoters of islamic terrorism) to climb up on, in order to reach your ankles.

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