Links and news for June 19 2013 – 1

1. How terrorism works and how Tony Blair’s semi sister in law assists it.

Typically, a muslim will commit some heinous act of terror. Anything from 9/11 to Lee Rigby’s murder and then the media along with Muslim spokesmen will go on all major media to warn about a mythical but well deserved-if-it-actually-happened backlash so that muslims get to be both the aggressors as well as the victims in their own violent actions.

This has the result of garnering more fear of muslims in two ways. 1. That they may at any time do you harm in a number of ways and 2. that in response they are untouchable and that any action on them or even the places where strategy is planned and incitement to terrorize and commit treason and genocide on us must be viewed as sacred and untouchable. The end result? More and more concessions to muslims as a kind of ‘screw-you’ to the people who would wish to do the mythical backlash. You will see more islamic norms applied in public and more prohibitions on things muslims find anathema. Terrorism, works.

2. Sam Harris: The notion that no one believes in Paradise is far crazier than a belief in Paradise.  A worthy read.

3. Silver may make antibiotics thousands of times more effective. It should be remembered that the great leaps in human health have been as simple as wearing shoes, washing hands and antibiotics. Lets hope this is another one.

4. Violent Somali criminals in Toronto accuse the police of doing their job and therefore, interfering with a muslim in pursuit of damaging Western civilization. F/A Bare Naked Islam. More from the CBC

5. Owner of several 7/11s charged with human smuggling

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  1. The silver story has alot of merit since they have been using silver oxide to treat burn victims since the mid seventies. For up to second degree burns for sure (personal experience)

  2. “The spirit of hatred and fanaticism embedded in the hearts of the Arab Muslims against everything that is non-Muslim has been perpetually nurtured by the Islamic religion”

    In 1936, when the French were poised to merge the newly formed Alawite coastal state into a larger Syrian republic, six Alawite notables sent a petition begging them to reconsider. “The spirit of hatred and fanaticism embedded in the hearts of the Arab Muslims against everything that is non-Muslim has been perpetually nurtured by the Islamic religion,” they wrote. “There is no hope that the situation will ever change. Therefore, the abolition of the mandate will expose the minorities in Syria to the dangers of death and annihilation, irrespective of the fact that such abolition will annihilate the freedom of thought and belief.” One of the petition’s signers was Sulayman al-Assad, the grandfather of Syria’s current president. Later, after the French abandoned them, the Alawites rushed to embrace the cause of Syrian nationalism, and went to great lengths to make the rest of the country forget their separatist ambitions.


    “Vladimir Putin tells Cameron at G8:
    ‘Syrian rebels are the same as those who killed Lee Rigby'”

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