The Bolton Park beating of a Downs Syndrome Girl story continues

It would appear that now the police will give no useful information to any media etc. about the nature and motives of the people who beat this helpless girl so badly.

Let me be perfectly clear about this:

The facts, as they are rumoured to be from Facebook friends of the victim, are fantastically important.

I am aware due to direct contact with another victim of a near identical case in Ottawa, where a child and her family where intimidated out of a public park by gangs of muslims and the police only offered the advice that the non-muslim family should probably move.

This means that there is a comprehensive strategy at work to ethnically cleanse non-muslims from various areas of high density islamic population centers in cities around the world and that the authorities will not enforce the law.

The Police … will … not … enforce … the law.

So we, as the tax paying public of what once were rational Western secular liberal democracies appear to now be rapidly becoming societies based on Islamic supremacism and we are not only not allowed to know this, but we must toe not just the letter of the law, but all kinds of arcane and draconian laws are being reinterpreted to apply only to us so that we may not fight back, and often cannot even speak about it, while muslims are virtually immune from the normal laws that cover violent intimidation and organized ethnic cleansing etc.

I recommend you all to read this article at the Bolton News about the beating in the UK. (I hope sooner or later to have a 1st person account of what took place in Ottawa) and mostly read the comments as that is far more revealing than the lack of information in the article itself. In fact, the comments merely refer to the comments that have been removed. But that in itself is revealing. So those will likely also be removed.

Take screen caps when you can.

Eeyore for Vlad.

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  1. This will partly explain the reason comments are removed in this terrible attack on this vulnerable child from the newspaper below………….

    Many reporters are members of the reporters union the NUJ (National union of Journalists).
    It is important to note the NUJ “decides” what is racist along with their lefty brothers.So whenever you hope to see fair and truthful reporting on any event involving perceived race issues bare in mind these are the biased guidelines with which all UK TV and Radio and newspaper reporters function
    These rules also explain why Tommy Robinson is regularly intimidated and ridiculed on what should be unbiased media.

    PDF here…

    What this does not explain is the politically powerful pressures that are brought to bare on senior police not to “jeopardize” community relations by telling the truth.No doubt this event will become one of those “rare incidents” we are regularly told about by some uniformed “community cohesion! commissar as usual.Just like all the other “rare events” this month!

  2. The governments of the west are helping destroy the west so they can create their socialist utopia, the Moslems are working to create their own version of utopia. Resist in every way you can because freedom and civilization depend on us.

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