Links and news for June 14 2013 – 2

1. Politichicks: “Is this naive or is this diabolical?”

2. 15 MILLION sign no-confidence petition against president Mursi in Egypt and ask for early elections.

3. CBC blatantly lies about the Dearborn ‘tard-fest’. In fact it is a muslim supremacy festival and if you are not muslim and wish to share your faiths with others just ask David Wood what happened when he showed up with Christian Arabs who handed out Christian materials. They, David and co., are now suing the police by the way for wrongful arrest and I believe already won a case against them.

4. Ralph Nader: “Has there ever been a bigger con man in the white house than Barack Obama?”

5. Will no one rid England of this troublesome cleric?

6. EDL Blogtalk radio program from this afternoon Friday June 14 2013

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2 Replies to “Links and news for June 14 2013 – 2”

  1. Re; The Dearborn Arab Fest. CBC actually allowed my comment.
    “In the U.S.A. freedom of speech is a constitutional right.
    Preachers can preach whatever they want without fear of violent reaction from others.
    It is the duty of the police to protect that right. But in Dearborn they failed to do so.”

  2. They allowed your comment because they thought you were saying muslim rights were infringed upon by evil right wing Americans.

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