Muslim landlord torture Christian women and parade them nude in village

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Pakistani Christian Post:

Kasur: June 6, 2013. (PCP) A shocking case have surfaced in a village of District Kasur where Christians women were tortured and paraded nude in village while their Christian men badly treated by Muslim landlords.

The Christian women Arshad Bibi, Sajida Bibi and Saruyia Bibi were beaten by armed Muslims who entered at about 11;00 PM while they were sleeping in their house and no man of the house was present in the house except one 73 years old man Sadiq Masih and his wife Bibi Rani 70 years old. The Muslim landlords of the village Sereser Chak No.21 Abrahim, Muhammad Rafique, Munir, Ahmad, Asif, Ahmad, Abid, Usman, Waseem, Waqas and Shabir and three unknown persons after beating made them publicly naked and no one showed courage to save them from that torture.

“Few days ago some goats were entered in the fields of Muslim landlords and they made them locked up in their house. I went to requested them to give back my goats but they refused and abused me and slapped at my cheeks in front of many people on which I returned back home,” told Shoukat Masih.

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