Aaron Weiss speaks to the Dutchess County legislature on the ‘Safe Act’ gun control bill

It is fairly rare that an email gets me out of bed to work on a video right away. It means, well, getting out of bed, firing up machines and timing, subtitling and editing a video. But when I saw this three minute speech to a county legislature I simply had to do it. There may be another one equally good but that will have to wait till tomorrow.

Thank you Her Royal Whyness for thinking of me and sending the materials needed to do this. It is my honour and my pleasure to be able to help present this brave man’s important words to as many as possible.

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4 Replies to “Aaron Weiss speaks to the Dutchess County legislature on the ‘Safe Act’ gun control bill”

  1. His reaction and the reactions of other vets towards these actions to strip us of our rights should make the politicians think twice about their actions, it should but it won’t, just as the letter by 700 retired special operators telling Obama and Congress that they (they operators) would be true to their oaths and wouldn’t let the politicians destroy our constitution and the nation should have made them thing twice. It hasn’t slowed the politicians in DC down one bit and this mans speech (which I cheer and agree with) won’t stop the county legislature on bit.

  2. heroyalwhyness, Damn I thought it would take a lot longer before anything happened. I am very happy to be proven wrong.

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