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2 Replies to “EDL march into Sheffield June 8 2013”

  1. From what I’ve seen, there is a renewed suppression of freedom lovers in England and Europe by authorities contrary to politicians rhetoric after Lee Rigby’s beheading. It seems all their talk about extremism is squarely targeted at the likes of the EDL, not the islamic insurgence. The EDL’s recent publicity has only been met with further dhimmitude by the authorities, who are busy rewarding jihad violence just as their counterparts in Sweden following the riots.
    The media have escalated their propaganda to new comedic lows, surpassing Pravda and Bagdad Bob.
    Just heard Group Identitaire has been banned in France.
    The underground resistance grows.

  2. One Assistant US Attorney is doing the same thing, the people showed up for one of his speeches and the police hurriedly got him out of there.

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