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2 Replies to “Scope of phone records seizure causes alarm; data collection goes beyond Verizon”

  1. Well here it is our ‘Dear Leader’ is transforming the USA as he promised. Welcome to the Orwellian New World Order. I’m beginning to feel like Winston Smith. No I don’t wear a tinfoil hat the truth is out and right in front of us. Just put it all together, a giant data base with all of the citizens placed into categories. With the IRS a front for a financial gestapo having access to all of your records , medical, financial, personal, work and political affiliations. where you go (soon all autos will have GPS from the factory). They will not have to take over by force, but just one dastardly step at a time, until there is nothing left but a broken , bankrupt nation with all dependent on the government for even their basic needs.

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