Muslim authority demands Vatican declare islam “A peaceful religion” but refuses to ever meet with any Israelis


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Muslim envoy asks Pope Francis to take ‘step forward’

VATICAN CITY: An envoy from Sunni Islam’s highest seat of learning, Al-Azhar in Cairo, raised the prospect of restoring ties with the Vatican on Friday but called on Pope Francis to take “a step forward” by declaring that Islam is a peaceful religion.

“The problems that we had were not with the Vatican but with the former pope. Now the doors of Al-Azhar are open,” Mahmoud Abdel Gawad, diplomatic envoy to the grand imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed al-Tayyeb, told Italian daily Il Messaggero in Cairo.

“Francis is a new pope. We are expecting a step forward from him. If in one of his addresses he were to declare that Islam is a peaceful religion, that Muslims are not looking for war or violence, that would be progress in itself,” he said.

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6 Replies to “Muslim authority demands Vatican declare islam “A peaceful religion” but refuses to ever meet with any Israelis”

  1. That’s like an unwashed man demanding that everyone declares that he is clean, but making no effort to wash himself. Surely, nobody should needs to tell anyone anything about themselves. It is up to them to set the example. If I want you to believe that I’m not stupid then it is up to me not to do anything stupid.
    How are people still fooled by this nonsense? I have no idea. Either common sense or courage died some years ago.
    Are we really that cowardly today that we can be bullied into accepting this? The Pope of all people should not allow himself to be bullied by liars and vagabonds. I suspect that the Popes of the Middle Ages, corrupt though they were, were made of much stronger stuff!

  2. Softly bob that why they had the knight templer to protect people traveling to the holy land and who were they protecting people from those I will cut you into pieces loving religion.

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