Call for a coup ‘to save France’

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The Times Europe:

Riot policemen face protesters in Paris on the sidelines of demonstrations against a gay marriage law

The recent legalisation of gay marriage provoked disturbances in France ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP/GETTY

Published at 12:01AM, June 6 2013

Sections of the French military have called for a coup to save the country, it emerged yesterday.The Defence Ministry was taking seriously appeals from royalist, ultra-traditionalist Catholic groups on the internet and in a magazine for a “coup de force” as criticism of François Hollande grows. The plotters claim that France is threatened by decadence, symbolised by the legalisation last month of gay marriage.

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2 Replies to “Call for a coup ‘to save France’”

  1. Here much better and more exact, in French:

    Homepage “Lys Noir” nice guys “anarcoroyalists”

    The “Lys Noir” declaration:


    All this just for information. Or go to Paris, to the Church St-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet and you will find a very interesting of Catholic rightwing population.

  2. The French are waking up to the culture war on traditional values among other things, I wish more Americans were waking up.

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