Links and news for end of May 29 2013

1. Did Obama ask the IRS to target pro-Israel groups as well?

2. The Femen protest, also intended to highlight the difficulties facing women in Tunisia, provoked the anger of a passing crowd and of some lawyers, who attacked and hit some of the journalists.

3. Lee Rigby’s murderer not charged with terrorism. How peculiar.

4. Vigilanteism in full swing in Burma where hundreds of Buddhists on motorcycles patrol the streets.

5. ‘These filthy unbelievers are pigs’: Woolwich terror suspect’s rant at rally to incite youngsters

Holding forth: Adebolajo at the rally on the eighth anniversary of September 11 outside Harrow Central Mosque in north LondonHolding forth: Adebolajo at the rally on the eighth anniversary of September 11 outside Harrow Central Mosque in north London

6.  Article on small cell terror targeting sporting events etc.

7. Girl told she would be shot if she didn’t go to Pakistan and marry some stranger

8. Ayaan Hirsi Ali: The problem with Muslim leadership


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  1. Dear Ayaan Hirsi Ali: There are no two islam; there is no such thing as political islam (sorry Bill Warner!) – islam is islam

  2. Chechen father wants FBI agents tried

    THE father of a Chechen man shot dead by the FBI during questioning about his links to the Boston Marathon bombers says he wants the agents tried for “executing” his son.

    Ibragim Todashev, 27, was shot by FBI agents in Florida a week ago during questioning at his home about his links to one of the Tsarnaev brothers alleged to have carried out the April 15 Boston bombings.

    The FBI said the agents had shot Todashev in self-defence after the suspect lunged at them during questioning.

    Todashev’s father Abdulbaki showed reporters in Moscow what he said were pictures of his son’s bullet-riddled body.

    The photographs showed at least seven bullet wounds to the body of a young man resembling Ibragim Todashev — including one to the back of the head.

    “Today I want justice. I want an investigation, so that these people (the FBI) are sued under US laws,” Todashev’s father said.

    “These are not FBI agents. These are bandits and they must appear in court.”

    Abdulbaki said he had received the photographs of his son by email from Muslims in Florida.

    Todashev’s father said he was certain that his son was deliberately killed by the FBI because of the bullet wound to the back of his head.

  3. If they were to show Mr Adebolajo’s little video rant on, say “Global TV”, and if they could possibly resist the urge to drown out the important parts with a Muslim-friendly voice-over, I wonder how the good people of Canada would react. I wonder if anybody would think to say, “Has this been going on the whole time and you just haven’t bothered to tell us? Do you consider yourselves to be adults, and the rest of us to be children? What else have you been hiding from us, and why are you hiding things at all? I, for one, despair as the main news purveyors concentrate their efforts on climate change, Rob Ford, high-school bullying, and the size of Kim Kardashian’s ass.

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