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9 Replies to ““Anti-fascists” in Norway attack defenseless speaker, kick him from behind and disrupt his authorized demonstration”

  1. Freedom of speech is under attack all around the world, if we aren’t free to speak the truth then the wanna be dictators can become real dictators.

  2. I think they will only listen to what makes sense to them.

    If you say, corporations did this corporations did that you will get their attention. Then you can talk about what you believe.

  3. I can’t watch any more. There is supposed to be a democracy in Norway and so it should be illegal for people to come and ruin a meeting using the tactics of Adolf Hitler and his Brownshirts. There is nothing more to say than that. The police should be arresting those pricks, and the fact that they don’t shows that the government is on their side and is happy to let them do their work. Alarming!

  4. They use violence because they think you will use violence when you become powerful enough. They want to nip you in the bud. They accuse you of hudna and taqiyya. Instead of whining, force the radical left to play by “Christian” rules. After all, according to them, Jesus was a pacifist and a friend of Muslim asylum seekers. Turn that other cheek, you leftist!!!

  5. Those communists are a product of State indoctrination. Some will change when they become victims, others wont know they are victims and some will refuse to admit it even as their throats are being slit.

  6. Chris Jones says:
    May 28, 2013 at 7:26 pm

    Of course, they consider you the Brownshirt in need of a taste of your own medicine. They do not understand that, by the same logic, Salafists are in need of a taste of their own medicine.

  7. Try doing that at one of their BITA ‘prayer meetings’, noise and mud thrown etc. and see how fastthe police arrest you.
    1. The people need to insist on voter IDs, issued only to legal residents.
    2. The people need to have voter cards sent to registered, taxed, addresses.
    3. One person – one vote – no more block proxy cards.
    4. The people need to vote for islam critics.

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