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6 Replies to “Video of EDL march today showing numbers”

  1. So now youtube has taken down the EDL video, and the English police are arresting bloggers who tweet about anything islamic, calling them racists?
    It is getting so troubling this stage of oppression and implementation of sharia and blasphemy laws in democratic countries

    Bravo to EDL

    by the way, I heard your talk with the EDL guy and you really are an eloquent speaker

  2. Please check again. I believe I have restored it. Also I am co-hosting the show again today with a spectacular guest. 3:30 EST

  3. The fools in the UK government are the best recruiting tool for the EDL, the more they come down on free speech and the right to protest the more the citizens will say we have had enough.

  4. EDL is being accused of being far right, neo-nazis. Don’t they have people of different races and religions involved? I thought they did, including liberal Muslims.

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