More links for May 23 2013

1. muslim arrested for terror plots in Canada and the US is OK with state sponsored lawyer but only needs ‘holy book’ for his defense. I guess by holy he means like the guys in Guantanamo bay who hollowed out their korans to hide makeshift weapons.

2. This National Post story quotes the PM of England thusly: “Prime Minister David Cameron called the killing by two men wielding knives and meat cleavers a “betrayal of Islam” ”

Funny I didn’t hear Cameron offer any scriptural support for his position. But I did hear the killers of the British soldier quote koran chapter and verse. 

3. Photo and name of murdered British soldier. He was a musician.

4. This video uploaded minutes ago, Stockholm riots continue:

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  1. I’m sorry, I’m doubling up with mirth, did I say men? The very word next to their names makes it stand out like a shining light, and they pale into insignificance. Obviously, I meant hen Hen. I meant the Swedish gender-neutral metro-sexual: “hen”. H-E-N. Please, I don’t want to be imprisoned for your retrospective Hate Crime for sexism. Look, don’t bugger my guests, have my daughter.

  2. So the murdered British soldier was not only a father but a musician too. Such a waste!
    The life of a brave loving father and/or a musician is worth one thousand useless Muslim lives.

  3. On a sober note, and it is incredibly sad, but as Dave and his political Eurobureau Elite become more debauched and our children put in creches and abused in government homes run by the quango called the Royal Charter for the Prevention of Life, even we, will have had enough and become sick to our stomachs so that we will freely confess three times “…and His Prophet” to join Islam in their fight to eradicate this pestilence once and for all off the face of the earth.

    Michael Adebolajo was raised a Catholic, the Irish vacated and then the Nigerians moved in the buildings, but because their faith was ever lip-service and seeking the advantage of membership, there was no spiritual guidance from a man, (that sexist word again, sorry), in the home to inherit his masculinity from; not in his school, not from his single-parented playmates, only his domineering mother, and so Islam, that pretend manhood of the pederast, looked far better than the pedophiles of the Civil Services who actually do really love toddlers and were born that way and are tentatively watching the Homosexuals’ successes first. Whoever said Muhammad loved women and little girls? Rubbish. He loathed these mentally deficient beasts to merely plough until satiated. Arab men have sex with beautiful nubile boys like Spartans, like the Q’ran reveals is in Heaven, “And round about them will serve boys of perpetual freshness: if thou seest them, thou wouldst think them scattered pearls.” (Koran 76:19) and an education into malehood. Poetry, not a crisis phoneline inspires them. Damned by the Socialist Engineers or cursed by Fascist Caliphateers. Michael made the right choice. Better a dulled conscience than a dead soul. Better than sending in spies to bring down populations merely for their governments’ wealth; but to face your enemy. He has a good chance to become free. The Tony Blairs of the world don’t. They are eaten from the inside out with their wives despising them and letting them die; for what they reached out to glorify, doesn’t care a jot for them.

    It will be like Franco against the Communists, all over again. Men against Femen. But this time, it’s for the world.

    Oh. And there’s a Narrow Way. But the Government and the Churches prohibit it being taught. That empty cross? It means you can be set free. Nothing has it. No one can purchase you. They want to intimidate you into fear as wisdom, so you give them your shirt and the coat off your back. The Socialists and Islamist then can’t make you do a thing because they do not own you. But few will be ready in this coming time of trial and tribulation and so taking sides for Allah or Mammon.

  4. LONDON -More than 1,200 extra police on the streets to guard ‘key locations’ as EDL thugs exploit tragedy

    More than 1,200 additional police officers took to the streets last night amid heightened fears of further violence targeted at the Muslim community by far-Right groups.

    Officers were guarding ‘key locations’ in London, including religious venues [ mosques ] and transport hubs, Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Mark Rowley said.

    Leave for officers has been cancelled following ugly scenes in Woolwich involving the English Defence League and a spate of attacks on mosques elsewhere in England on Wednesday night.

  5. “…..and so taking sides for Allah or Mammon.”

    If a dyed-in-the-wool Labour-Scot like George Galloway will join Islam, so can you.

    I did not speak.
    “First they came for the equal vote, and I did not speak
    Then for freedom for abortion and I did not speak
    Then for equal families and I did not speak
    Then for equal Welfare and I did not speak
    Then for equal sex and I did not speak
    Then for equal marriage and I did not speak
    And then Allah can along as Saviors, and I did not speak.”

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