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  1. Britain investigating possible Nigerian link in London attack

    LONDON, May 22 (Reuters) – Britain is investigating a possible Nigerian link to attackers suspected of hacking a soldier to death in London while shouting Islamic slogans, two sources with knowledge of the investigation told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

    Two suspects have been taken into custody after the attack, which the British government said appeared to be an act of terrorism. Police have not identified the suspects.

    The sources, speaking independently, said a Nigerian link was being investigated but gave no further details about the nature of the link. Police spokesmen declined to comment. (Reporting by Guy Faulconbridge in London and Mark Hosenball in Washington


  2. DO not worry the UK government will blame the EDL and come down harder on them, while going on a butt kissing tour in the Islamic community.

  3. The Nigerian link is suggested to be one Michael Adeboloja, who only answers to the Islamic identity Mujahid.
    One of the savages involved is identified as Micheal Adeboloja known by Muslim name Mujahid, those who know him say he is revert. There are also reports that one of the attackers was last year stopped or arrested on his way to join al-Shabaab in Somalia, according to Newsnight. 23:33 Telegraph link

  4. Frank you got that right, the EDL will be blamed for everything and they will try and put Tommy in jail again.

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