More from Husby Sweden.

I expect to have a lot more tonight on this. As it turns out there is much more to this story than the usual tard-fester we have become numb to in the formerly civilized word.

The media has been surprising apparently in more than one way and this story has evolved a lot in terms of the nature of the coverage from the start of events two nights ago.

Below, a chilling account of events last night in Husby, the highly enriched suburb of Stockholm Sweden.

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  1. Has it ever occurred to the Muslimists that it might not be a good idea to really anger the fucking Swedes? In the time of Peter the Great it was understood that it took two ordinary soldiers to take down one Swede. I’m not sure why, but that’s the formula they would use in their logistics – and, no, I’m not Swedish and I’m not a giant Swedophile – it just happens to be true.

    But the idea of a couple of thousand lantern-jawed, giant-wristed, unemotional-but-angry-now Swedes coming at you with the intention of ending your life should be enough to frighten anybody, but these guys are just too dumb to be scared. These Islamists are like the Nazis because they’re over-confident, and thus heading for a big, big fall. The Swedes may be socialist and politically correct, but historically, they do not take kindly to being attacked. How are the police going to stop it when people just start showing up and fighting back? Are they going to open up with the heavy machine guns and slaughter their own people for the crime of protecting Sweden?

  2. Chris don’t forget that others from North Europe were the ones who put murder on an assembly line, get the Northern European pissed enough and really bad things start happening.

  3. This was not mainstream media. They have not said anything about muslims, and have edited out all Allahu akbar shouts etc. But in Norway media is not like in Sweden. They have reported truthfully on this, at least in part.

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