A Symbol of Friendship’ : Turkish PM Lays Stone for $100M Masjid Complex In Maryland

And just let me add that I truly and sincerely hope that this token of Islamic friendship in Maryland, the largest mosque in the Western Hemisphere apparently, gets treated by the Americans with the same kind of multicultural love and friendship that we see from our true-muslim cousins in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Dagestan and Chechnya and now even France and England towards cathedrals churches and synagogues. Let this building be a true symbol of multicultural reciprocity. May it be treated with the same tolerance and appreciation that we see from muslims toward statues of the Buddha and Hindu temples etc. world wide.





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5 Replies to “A Symbol of Friendship’ : Turkish PM Lays Stone for $100M Masjid Complex In Maryland”

  1. Just a note. Churches are not allowed to be built in Turkey, let alone the ones still standing maintained and renovated.

  2. And of course…

    Ergodan approvingly quoted these lines from a Turkish Muslim poet…

    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”

  3. There is an old Cassock saying that the way to keep faith with a Pole is to put your faith in a saber and the saber in the Pole, lets change Moslem for Pole.

  4. We have completely lost our pride and the Muslims know it. It’s illegal to build churches and Synagogues in most Muslim countries, illegal to preach religions other than Islam, and illegal to the point of death for a Muslim to convert away from Islam, yet we allow the Turks to build this gleaming fortress without so much as a peep. Did you notice how many meeting rooms the place has? Why, you could simultaneously plan multiple 9/11s at the same time.

    If the Turks want to “outreach” so much, they could start out by coming clean about the Armenian genocide and then admit that their “freedom convoys” into Gaza are pure, grade-A manure. Erdogan is an evil monster and anybody who can’t see that is just plain stupid…

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