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4 Replies to “The deceptive and politically correct practice of halal certification”

  1. “Muslims are only allowed to eat certain food products…”

    Spoken like a True Liberal who deliberately chooses to be blind to reality.

    Hypnosis: “To bind a culture, make their very food the symbol of who they are, that every swallow has an attachment to their Prophet, and tell them it also makes them clean.”

    Profit: “Imams will make a tidy sum from every mumbo-jumbo uttered, and oh, make them go to Mecca at least once in their lifetime”

    To have borrowed from Judaism and Christianity and improved upon their mercenary fleecing of their sheep, is to be acknowledge and admired exactly as Hitler did; just as Western Socialism had bloated and achieved their masses’ dependency upon how to clothe, marry and think for themselves from the edicts of politicians today.

    Yep, “Certain people are only allowed to eat certain foods…”spoken like a True Dhimmi.

  2. There is so much wrong in these short arguments in the video it would require an essay to deal with it. But the thing that never ceases to amaze me is the fact that few would deny muslims the ‘right’ to know what is halal and what is not so they can make choices for themselves but those same people deny us the right to know what we are eating or that we may wish to choose foods that are in accordance with our own beliefs and in the case of meat products, that are prepared in accordance with animal cruelty laws.

  3. Not only is the halal method for killing animals cruel, the Bible states not to eat foods blessed by pagan gods; therefore, Christians are not to eat halal foods.

    Butterball ignored my three letters regarding their selling halal killed turkeys without an halal label even after I told them Christians can’t eat halal foods. No response from them at all. Suppose the message is loud and clear. Christians are less important than Muslims. The message is also loud and clear. Don’t buy Butterball turkeys.

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