Riots in the culturally-enriched Stockholm suburb of Husby


Snaphanen sent the following video and explanation:

The Swedish police dont belive the”machete-revenge’ motive for one second.

They are saying here, that the situation is chronically bad, and that they are sure, the next policemurder will happen in Husby

video here of 6.8 enrichers, who tackle a policeman and kicks him. Some believe, he had drawn his weapon, but I cant tell from the video.

Story here:

The Local.Se

Youths burn 100 cars in north Stockholm riots

Published: 20 May 13 08:10 CET | Print version
Updated: 20 May 13 11:49 CET

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Youths rioted in northern Stockholm on Sunday night, setting fire to cars and throwing rocks at police, in what is believed to be a protest against the fatal police shooting of a machete-wielding man in the suburb last week.

“At 10pm we sent out staff to an address in Husby,” explained Lars Byström of the Stockholm police to the Dagens Nyheter newspaper.

“My colleagues were met by young people who threw stones at them. It continued with a pair of violent riots and extensive damage.”

The riot kicked off when young people set fire to cars in Husby, a suburb in the far north of Stockholm. Witnesses claim at least 100 vehicles in the area were in flames. Another fire was lit in a nearby garage, resulting in the evacuation of the apartment block. Around 50 residents were taken care of and sheltered in buses that were on hand.
IN PICTURES: See the damage from the Husby fires

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11 Replies to “Riots in the culturally-enriched Stockholm suburb of Husby”

  1. I should add: Husby is the suburb with most africans – 30 percent. But notivce: Htis started as numerous other riotts in England, France, Belgium and Sweden earlier. It forllows the same pattern: Someone dies in a police-chase, f.ex. – (og some one not does ) – this is used a casus bellum.

    Thry are rather well prepared, you have to buy the gasoline and make the molotovcocktails, but then…………..Look out, it may go on the coming nights too.

    In the AB articles, swedish police looks very pessimistic at the future. All the best from Denmark

  2. Burn Stockholm Burn!!!!……and may your cowardice and collusion be your everlasting shame as you are gleefully raped and sodomized by those dusky hued worshipers of a 7th century lunatic……..worshipers whose boots and asses have grown used to the soothing strokes of your dhimmi Nordic tongues as you assuage the sensibilities of those vulgar Muslim animals who rape your women, molest your children, pimp your daughters and smear the excremental filth and fanatical lunacy of Islam on everything you hold so dear………..may your misery and shame last ten thousand years and one more day after all of that………..oh how the Muhammadans must soil themselves with laughter watching you squirm and grovel……..put on your burqa Sweden and shuffle off into the pages of history with the derisive, mocking laughter of better men and women ringing in your ears……..Burn Stockholm Burn!!!!!!

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown, Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

  3. As we reached the front of a line and were admitted to an affair this weekend, overheard from behind us . . .
    “. . .just glad I visited Europe before it became the Middle East.”

  4. Fucking arabs, 80% of all the imigrats living in Husby are arab Muslims, they are ruining this Country. This is the thanks the Swedes get for giving this animals a new peaceful home.
    we got rapes, robberies, violent assaults, and murders everyday now in Sweden and is Always arab Muslims.

  5. Okay Sweden, this is the part you’ve probably forgotten. The wooden stakes go into the ground and get sheared off at an angle about five inches above ground level. For the first row around the base of the pyramid the heads get impaled on the sticks so they don’t roll around as the weight of the next layer of heads builds up, but usually only every other head needs to be staked in your basic ten by ten base layer. The base is important. By the way, in arabic “Al Qaeda” means “the base”: just thought you ought to know that.

  6. According to “The Local”, the important part of this story is the uncorroborated accusations that the Swedish Police were using racist language against the spirited young dissidents. One of the poor tykes was even called the “N-word” – or so he says. The Local seemed a lot more concerned with the racist angle than they were with the riots. There is no hope as long as the media keep taking this stance all the time. It’s absurd…

  7. Looks like the Swedes are about to pay for their apathy and stupidity and their nation is about to be raped by the hordes of barbarians they have tried to help..And all their pathetic media can point out is a few youths have suffered some derogatory names,well how about worrying about the trashing of your cities.The rape of your women and think this nationality were once proud brave warriors, now they just stand back.

  8. As I have stated before when the bleeding heart liberals invite garbage into a country, they are obligated to put up with the stench.

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