Imam: ‘Sack liberal cowards’

I have no doubt that there are some muslims and even some imams who have a philosophy of life which is miscible with Western values. Sadly they aren’t the ones setting the agenda much like the few ranking members of the Nazi party that may have thought that diverting materials, time, manpower and effort to exterminating the Jews during a major war effort was probably not the right strategy. Or even that it shouldn’t be done at all. The philosophy is what it is and a few people who are not with the program usually get picked off early.


AN IMAM says police and social workers who tip-toe around the issue of Muslim sex grooming gangs should be sacked.

By: Eugene Henderson


Akhtar-Dogar-32-who-along-with-six-other-men-was-convicted-for-sexually-abusing-underage-girls Akhtar Dogar, 32, who along with six other men was convicted for sexually abusing underage girls

Seven members of a child sex ring from Oxford were convicted this week of forcing teenagers into acts of “extreme depravity”.

Their victims, aged 11 to 15, were plied with drugs before being raped and “sold” to others for sex over an eight-year period.

Other grooming rings have been exposed in Rochdale, Rotherham, Derby and Telford.

But Taj Hargey, Imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation, said: “What we have is white liberal cowardice and Muslims burying their heads in the sand.

oxford, sex, ring, pedophile, muslim, grooming, gangs, social, workers, imamBassam Karrar, 33, was also found guilty of sexual abuse of underage girls

These men were not Sikhs, they were not Hindus. Why are we so shy to say that they were Muslims? We need to identify this problem publicly

Taj Hargey, Imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation

“These men were not Sikhs, they were not Hindus. Why are we so shy to say that they were Muslims? We need to identify this problem publicly. People in positions of responsibility who refuse should be sacked. We should not be hiding behind political correctness.”

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3 Replies to “Imam: ‘Sack liberal cowards’”

  1. How can you sack those trained in the values of Common Purpose?

    This is the ideology CP promote:

    “It is because women have been kept out of many positions of power they have got better at leading beyond authority and working on the margins. They have learnt to create power.” Roisin McDonough Chief Executive, Arts Council of Northern Ireland

    So how better to invite, manipulate and use Islam, that inferiority complex He-man cult, to destroy all that you hate about Western Capitalism into becoming the dream of the Socialist State. The king-maker is after all the queen with the cream.

    The trouble with Communists and Muslims is they openly tell you what they are going to do. And you Liberals are just pleased to be allowed to have a coke bottle up your ass without being offended by someone who singles you out by being cruelly prostatophobic, prostratophobic and prolophobic.

  2. This imam must have known about sex slavery of young girls for a decade or more, But he only comes forward now pretending that it has nothing to with Islam.

    The problem is the koran and the example of mohammed, and about this he can say nowt.

    Damage limitation.

  3. This Imam is either practicing taqiyya or he is a genuine moderate Muslim who somehow believes that Islam is not what it is (a pseudo-Muslim as I refer to them).
    Either way, he is confusing the issue.
    The problem with pseudo-Muslims is that they unwittingly make it difficult for the counterjihad movement by promoting an Islam that doesn’t exist, thus making us all look like ignorant bigots. The sooner that pseudo-Muslims wake up and reject their faith altogether, the better for the rest of us.

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