Agoura High: Anti-black grafitti written by . . . black student




Authorities were investigating the possibility that the vandalism was actually an inside job orchestrated by a student or students named on the hit list.

At least one of those students was upset with the athletic program, a source told KTLA.

The student was apparently not being allowed to transfer to another school without penalty from the CIF, the governing body for high school sports in California.

CIF rules stipulate that a student must sit out for a year after transferring, unless there is an absolute and compelling need to transfer.

The student may have been trying to create the perception of a hostile environment at Agoura High School, officials said.

“What the evidence is showing us, right now anyways, is that it was purely a motivational thing,” Misel said.


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6 Replies to “Agoura High: Anti-black grafitti written by . . . black student”

  1. Mmm, playing the Race Card… as they were given it, why shouldn’t they use it to better themselves?? – that’s what it’s there for – and the Departments and Community Leaders are employed too to react to it. Give a person a fish they will last for only one day, a whole sea and they will last forever.

  2. Have you ever watched “Survivor”? That show has been on the air long enough now for whole generations to have been brought up absorbing its psychopathic ethos. By Survivor logic, this is nothing more than a smart move on the part of the black kids – except for the getting caught part…:)

  3. Deceit will be their undoing. There are only so many times that you can play the ‘race card’ before it backfires.

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